“Aeroflot” explained the incident with the “FSB major” Alice Arshavina

The incident happened on Board the flight Moscow — Almaty with the participation of the wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin commented in “Aeroflot”. The airline reported that Alice was removed from a flight for violating transportation rules.

Recall that Alice Arshavin was removed from the flight SU1946 Moscow — Almaty air company “Aeroflot”.

The girl told that she tried to change the baby diapers, so she had to walk around the aircraft while taxiing, which is prohibited by the rules.

However, the airline reported that the cause of its movement through the cabin in another Arshavin was flying along with a nanny, bought a ticket in economy class, but in violation of rules of transportation Alice tried to transplant her into business class. In this regard, the cabin crew gave her a few warnings about the need to respect the rules aviakompaniia, and later even gave her a recommendation, in writing, the press service of the airline.

However, the conflict continued and the aircraft commander had decided to remove Arshavin from the flight, along with two children and their accompanying nanny “for destructive behaviour and disobedience of the crew”.

The report notes that the passenger A. Arshavin has repeatedly called himself a “FSB major” and

even talked about a “crust” than trying “to put pressure on the crew.” Aeroflot has also enlisted the testimony of the witnesses, the other passengers on the flight — who confirmed the destructive behavior of a passenger.

The Artvin flew to their destination on another flight.

We will remind, amendments to the Criminal code, toughening penalties for disorderly conduct in transport will come into force only since June 2018. And while the wife of the Russian player faces only a fine.

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