Bozena of Rynska brought out their “cannibals”

Hard look, slow movements and a low, downright howling, a huge dog named Sorcerer looks awesome. Our eyes meet, and I think he sees right through me.

Sorcerer three years. Breed — Central Asian shepherd, Asian, or simply Alabai. He, like most of his fellows, cropped ears and tail. This means that they were master’s, and then were not needed and turned them from the house. There are about ninety.

Tatiana Certovica — the owner of the Moscow orphanage where the rescued alabais.

A frame from the video.

— It started in high school when my girlfriend and skipped lessons to treat local dogs — the voice of my companion drowns out the friendly barking coming from the kennel. — But seriously, the final choice in favor of the dogs I did after twelve years experience in accounting. Just went to the counselors guard dogs in the unit. There appeared the first in my life Alabai. He was in a state of extreme exhaustion, weighed only 40 kg, I nursed and was drinking it with.

— And how did the idea to open a shelter?

— It’s not even a shelter. We are a team that saves alabais, which was on the street. In 2015, I began to look for land to put there cages. I must say that to find a plot for the dogs very hard. And suddenly the daughter runs with the phone: “Mom, I found an ad: “Land in Chelobityevo. Do what you want!” Gain: “you Know, I have dogs…” — “so what?” “They will bark!” — “Come!”

…As a result the land was given rent free, and the owner who’s a dog person, periodically visited by to visit alabais.

On-site, overgrown with grass, was located two-storey building and shed. All around it was littered with debris. Nobody believed that Tatiana will succeed.

— Built two and a half years, she says. — First removed the debris, worked around the clock. In the house changed the doors on the lattice, the same is done in the cabins and settled dogs. After a couple of days was already formed about 15 alabais. Everyone has their own “room”. Then we had two or three volunteers who came to walk the dogs on weekends. Almost immediately showered with validation, but neither the town nor the regional veterinary stations no violations were found.

Dogs arrive with frightening regularity. Each month 10-15 alabais taken off the streets about a dozen possible to attach in good hands. The biggest influx in autumn, when summer season ends and the need for four-legged guards disappears. The team of “Horses Help” is there a site in social networks, where any concerned person can request that the street appeared abandoned Alabai.

— To a dog not everyone will fit. I would not dare…

Is a fearless dog, but just because no bark nor bite will not. We have a maximum of four or five dogs that can really bite. All the other gentle, without aggression. And go on the street to strangers alabay do not everyone can, but our volunteers, for the most part fragile girl, dare, — Tatyana smiles. — There are times when the dog is not given into the hands of scared, runs away. Then called catcher Andrew.

She tells me how just recently, in social networks there was video: Alabai runs on the ring road behind the car. So the dog was not shot down, the drivers pulled him over and issued a call to the command: “Take!” Volunteer Light Bocharova, who lives nearby, immediately took the leash and went after the dog.

There are, of course, lost things, who rush about in search of a host. These can be seen immediately: they are still groomed, with beautiful thick hair. But, as a rule, alabais arrive in a serious condition.

— They are very malnourished, dehydrated. Some three or four days you have to keep the droppers, — says Tatiana. The Sorcerer got all covered in mud and tar and purulent otitis media. Alabi named Lord took away from Lukina-Dulevo after being shot in the face. The vet took of the Lord 20 pellets. He lived with us for two years. And this year the dog was attached to a wonderful woman. She sends us videos and pictures of the new life of our Lord.

There are so-called conscientious objectors, when the owners call the volunteers and set an ultimatum: “Either you get it or we shoot”. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

A dog named Kaida sold with the house. A neighbor fed her through the fence. And then came the new tenants…

When I found the Pier, thought he was a goner. Emaciated to the limit, not seen anything from pus puffy eyes not dead yet. Cured, came out. Now the dog lives in the family, he saw the light, Salonica and turned into the divan of the hon.

Had to save alabais even pipaluk, literally from under the syringe, call the friends of veterinarians. When brought to the euthanasia of a healthy dog with documents, not every doctor raised a hand to take the final shot of a young beautiful dog.

But most of all occurs ordinary, but no less dramatic. Here’s another alabay arrived to the cottage. Someone is fed up, and someone threatened to call animal control. The lady of the house who took a fancy to the dog, appealed to the volunteers: “the Dog is very sorry. Take away!”

— I arrived and realized that one can not take the dog out and not given, — continues Tatyana. — Called on the help of Andrew. One shot anesthesia: a dog’s forehead struck the iron gate and left the area. The injection works for about half an hour. Chasing the fugitive through the woods and fields until it got dark. Not found. Arrived the next day, and the horses returned to their place. Took him to himself, and six months later we were the owners. It turned out that the dog is 10 years. He was afraid of thunderstorms and ran aimlessly, and the way home is not found. All this time the owners were looking for him. The meeting proved to be very touching: the people cried from happiness. The dog lived another year and died of old age.

And still, the happy ending doesn’t happen often. When it is possible to find the owner of adresnik dog collar or mark, instead of gratitude, sound indifferent: “And we have another dog started!”

Alabais typically live 10-11 years. But there are elders, like a dog named wolf. He went to the rainbow at the age of 16.

— Lenin young saw — jokes Tatiana. — He was held, the owners are alcoholics. He lived 15 years. Walking they were lazy: taken out of the entrance and tied to a tree. Like the whole day walking. We picked him up. After a year the dog was paralysed by a stroke. Then the second. Treated him. The first time carried out of the cage with a Walker. But as soon as it became better, wolf stood up and continued to walk, the old fighter.

The most difficult dogs that require a special approach, Tatiana cemented. It is this breed feels and understands. Someone immediately establish contact, and someone has patiently tamed, like a powerful dog named Your (accent on the last syllable). Now Tatiana affectionately calls him kitty.

Where it came from, nobody knows. Once I arrived at the garage, where he began to serve. Lived, while in the territory appeared two drunken people. Dogs don’t like drunks. They went on Your with a stick, he floated the teeth. Then called trapping. The fate of the dog was a foregone conclusion: a 21 day quarantine and euthanasia. Alabi learned about the volunteers and took him to the shelter. There’s this tough guy did not get along. It has not been able to find a way, and for days he missed in a cage.

— To us it was on its way under, — says Tatiana. — The dog was the stigma of “slober, insane, will eat any”. Your Caucasian wolfhound, they are taken for the security and guard service. Then he showed up his boss and told that the dog participated in the battles and never lost. However, when he learned that the dog a lot of statements to the police because of the bites and will have to pay compensation to people, the owner disappeared. More not heard about it.

Yours was like a bear. Weighed 84 pounds. Hind paws were leaving, so the dog couldn’t walk. And now he’s in good shape: lost weight to 70 kg and is ready to walk for hours. But turning Your Kitty was not easy.

— I sat with him for two days, — says Tatiana. — He wasn’t allowed. We each other growled. Then allowed the flank to scratch, and began to take food from hands, but in the cage to go were not given.

On the sixth day, the workers said, “Let’s get stretching!” This method is used when the dog is aggressive. The taming of the shrew at two collars and two leashes at the same time.

— I didn’t want to apply to Your violence, — says Tatiana. — When he wanted to get out of the cage for a walk, I decided. Opened the gate, all hidden, and we flew him in the field. After the walk, I half an hour was recovering. It was really scary when, out of nowhere, there was a homeless with a thundering truck. He took off, and I followed him, on skis to the nearest tree. He is now socialized: is able to walk around, wearing a muzzle and not showing aggression.

When she called the volunteers and said that Your Kitty want to take in good hands, she realized that she is unlikely to part with it. Of course, she could not take him to the apartment, but he knows no other life, except in a cage. This is his house. And no one, except her, he will not go out.

Tatiana touched his skin, densely covered with huge scars, and he looked at her like this only know how faithful dogs. On the same day the site team has a new announcement: “kitty is no longer attached!”

Alabais are hot dogs that the ticks cling to them at any time of the year. But in the spring at the shelter is an ongoing field hospital.

The space is not enough, so lay on the asphalt mats are laid dogs and keep droppers, — the mistress of the orphanage draws a terrible picture. Always have something saved up to eight four-legged patients at the same time. If in the season of ticks the animal has a temperature above 39 degrees, do not wait for tests for piroplasmosis — from MCPFE Pyrostop. Recently in late autumn call: on the lawn is dying Alabai. Come: temperature 42! Immediately took him to the hospital. Three days droppers. Recovered dog is hard, even had to do a blood transfusion. But survived!

The orphanage exists on donations. Social networks are collecting. Army alabais to feed is not easy. To Oct dog lived on the straight. The clock was boiling tubs 70 litres each. Now switched to dry food and 20 bags of feed for 20 kg every 10 days!

Among the volunteers that help the shelter, people of different professions. Came here Ekaterina Bukina, the bronze champion of the Olympic games in Rio. Looked our players. But most often it is the fashion columnist, blogger Bozhena Rynska. “She comes in, with his feet opens the door to the aviary and can kiss any dog! — enthusiastically said Alexander Ostapenko, assistant Tatiana. — Bozena takes our dogs in the veterinary clinic, it helps in pristroystvo, a charity auction and all money pays for the maintenance alabais!”

Bozena seven were taken to the dog beauty shop, and no horses, even contunity, never growled at master groomer. The dogs had been, to put it mildly, not well-groomed: matted hair, a bunch of ticks, Repi. But the procedure was tolerated without muzzles. But master Jack Russells and Pomeranians bite.

About alabais socialite ready to talk for hours. And the story is extravagant.

— Our apartment began to attack local weirdo from the Internet. I decided I need to start a vicious dog and pull on it to ward off. Who has the reputation of a cannibal? From Alabai! And I began to Google alabais. Googled the command “Alabai-help.” And, flipping through Spain pictures, fell in love with Arkady. Then came to see them, and I was in for a surprise: this is a very good dog. And almost everything. People do not want to eat, and love to hug and kiss. Arkady was warm woolen man. I started to ride him, to get her husband for him to walk. It turned out that Arkady is very frightening — fear of thunder, thunder, shots. His brother was shot when they both decided to find a job guards.

Bozena took the ‘ walk on to Patrick. It was a huge success. That’s just my husband Igor Malashenko never wanted to keep in the house a big dog.

— And I already liked Arkady, and had something to do with it. This humane dog required a family, continues Bozena. And then I wrote the girl who also loved him in absentia. Arkady is not a security, he is a companion. In Russia anybody did not want to take. And we decided to risk it — send it to Spain. A lot of obstacles have bypassed that and went off. The owner was found, and Arkady was the star of Alicante. Now he’s a Bear. He is there as cheese in oil: walking several hours a day, in restaurants meat offered at the hotel carried a bowl of water. In the most expensive hotel Concierge saw him and immediately began to stroke. All Spaniards, without asking permission, I want to pet it. Arkady first ofigevali that all to him love — he is always with a Bang! He is not entered in any conflict. In Russia, Arkady didn’t know how to play with dogs and learned there. Started with York, then went to a medium size, after he got friends of his caliber. At first he was afraid of the sea, but one day played with the dogs, accidentally ran in the water, and when caught was too late to be afraid.

Listen to the story of Nona, which threw over the pink nose and hazel eyes because it reportno. Fortunately, she hit the “Alabai Help.” And from there she was adopted in Marseille. “Mother” — Russian, “Papa” French. Now she’s None French.

— Its all love — Bozena is happy for the dog. — She fulfills. Recently bitten the leg of a guest who took two steps to the side of a small child. And it tried to give the French father-in-law. He’s got a farm cat shelter, Nona was friendly to cats, and he is inflamed by her love. Children nonnu not given, but guests go, there she is already full tailed friends.

…Recently, the team received a call from Iksha: running young horses, people are not perfect. Catcher Andrew immediately left, agreed with the dog and took it without anesthesia. When Tatiana came to pick up the new ward, he was sitting in the car in the hands of Andrew. And there stood poor red-haired dog.

— Transplanted to his trunk alabi, and a small dinageca not going away. I stroked her, and she looks at me and cries. Her foot hit, — says Tatiana. — Put her in the back seat. So it has remained. X-rayed the foot. Turned out to be a fracture. Soon going for the surgery. The dog — not our profile, but I couldn’t leave her on the road and just drive. For my farm plus or minus one dog no problem.

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