Christmas tragedy: murdered his wife and mother-in-law on the last day of the binge

The brutal murder of two women happened on Christmas eve in a village near Moscow Semibratskoe the Kolomna urban district. 59-year-old man stabbed his wife and mother-in-law, and then as if has sunk into water.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, the tragedy took place in the family Gerasimov, who lived in a private home. The head of the family Michael 20 years ago he returned from places not so remote, but what was not told even your closest friends. Wife Olga, waiting for the wife, surrounded him with such attention and care that in the area they are reputed to be the most exemplary couple. The idyll was broken is that the mother-in-law of Michael, which, according to acquaintances, not loved son-in-law and him were fighting. Overall, however, the couple lived peacefully with their neighbors get along, periodically stayed in Kolomna the son of Olga from her first marriage and regularly went fishing. But on 31 December, the family received the sad news — Michael learned about his father’s death. From that day he started drinking, although neighbors claim that he drank only once a year — just 31-th. However, this time the man one day did not stop. He drank until the very eve. The last time neighbors saw him January 7 morning — pretty wrinkled, but sober. Then he told them to drink “basically finished”, pledged that more per bottle not take, and once again complained to the mother-in-law, who allegedly “fell into insanity” and giving him a home of moral terror. And at 9 PM throughout the village spread the news that 57-year-old Olga and 81-year-old woman stabbed Faith. The police began a search of Michael, however, while they did not succeed.

The neighbors suggest that Michael, in a drunken stupor is not aware of what he does. They believe that when he comes to his senses, probably will decide to kill himself because his wife was everything to him. “None of your friends will not say that he was a bastard, said police neighbors Gerasimov. — It seemed that it is absolutely adequate man without harmful habits. Apparently, Olga was caught under the hot hand, and are driven to despair his mother-in-law”.

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