Doctors saved the pensioner, zapihnuv a cork from champagne 1 January

Kind of a joke on new year’s night turned into a trip to the hospital for Moscow pensioner from the North of Moscow – a 64-year-old lady for the amusement of the man stuck in the vagina from the champagne cork, a pull back could not. The doctors gave the patient assistance.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, female (in younger years she was a Keeper) greeted the New year in the company of fellow 60-year-old resident Beskudnikovsky Boulevard, an electrician by profession. They are familiar 10 years, but do not live together, although the knight not once, not twice offered to move in together. The pensioner prefers to meet my boyfriend from time to time. Later confused lady admitted to the police, it happened around 5.00 January 1. By this time she drank a bottle of Russian champagne, and the other heart used a strong drink. Joke the pensioner pushed the tube into the vagina. The fun ended when the lady realized that to bring into the light a foreign object is quite difficult. She asked the help of a friend, he tried with the fingers to grasp the thing, but it only penetrated deeper into the bowels of the body. Discomfort or pain tube did not deliver, so the citizens decided to sleep it off to get “trophy” already sober.

The next attempt started around 15.00, but success has not crowned — tube stuck just tightly. I had to resort to the help of doctors. At the hospital doctors removed the foreign body without any problems. Freed from the foreign object, the pensioner went back to the other to continue to celebrate the holiday

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