During the new year holidays in Moscow remand prison, two prisoners died

Two deaths of prisoners in Moscow recorded human rights defenders in the new year and Christmas holidays. Both inmates had AIDS and did not live to see its release just a few days.

The first died 35-the summer prisoner “sailor’s silence” Vladimir P. Man sick with AIDS in the terminal stage, according to inmates last week did not get out of bed and went through the real agony. He has taken away the left hand and both legs, started the deformation of the speech. The medical Board found he had the presence of diseases, preventing detention. December 28, the court decided to release him, but the decision itself should have been in jail by mail, which because of the holidays was delayed. In the end it in the same day was sent to the infectious Department of city hospital number 2, where he died on January 5, and not waiting for the official release. And the morning of 7 January in the women’s detention center died another prisoner with HIV. Julia, was convicted and was in transit through the insulator in the Mozhaisk female colony. Already she was planning to do the medical examination for the presence of diseases preventing the execution of punishment. In jail she was late also due to Christmas holidays. The day before she complained to the inmates (located in the chamber 202 for previous convictions) for stomach pain, they began to grind the door. The doctors of the detention center called an ambulance, but the ambulance doctors did not take Julia, putting her a diagnosis of “gastritis”. She went to the toilet. And on Christmas morning they found her there dead.

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