Funeral service in Zaporozhye provoked a scandal in the Church

January 8, the structure of the security Service of Ukraine and the National police in the city of Zaporozhye transferred to the strengthened mode of service. By words a press-the Secretary of USBU in the Zaporozhye region Sergey Levchenko, police cars patrol the grounds near churches “in case of emergency”.

photo: Elizabeth Clasina

Events in the “frontal region” for the second week excite ordinary Ukrainians.” It all started with a tragedy. Young family residents of Zaporozhye within a few days experienced a devastating double blow. First, tragically their son died in 2016 of birth (it happened at the New year’s eve). After a couple of days alternately in the two churches the priest refused to bury the innocent victims of child. Sunday 31 Dec approximately 18.20 from the 8th floor of Zaporizhzhya house on the street of the Historic fell down 39-year-old Eugene K. By a fatal combination of circumstances from the stairwell of flats in those few seconds left a young dad with a kid who “bore” gifts for grandma and grandpa. Mom for a few minutes stayed in the house. And when I ran out – saw the crowd of excited neighbors and strangers crowded around the car of “ambulance”.

For the first time in my life seen and heard all gathered in front of the entrance loudly read the “our father” – said one of the witnesses of incident. – The nurse in the ambulance, examined the child, crushed by the fallen said that only a sincere prayer common can help…

Alas, the new year’s miracle did not happen. The child, despite resuscitation, he died in the ambulance.

Social network users have responded to the event: “Just know this: all of Ukraine is crying along with you!”

Tests of the grieving parents, however, did not end. The second blow them during the funeral. When the procession arrived at the temple Besserebrenikov Cosmas and Damian, 51-year-old Archpriest Eugene (Molchanov) refused to read the burial service were tragically lost child. That, they say, was baptized in the Kyiv Patriarchate, which the Moscow Patriarchate is perceived as “uncanonical” and “schismatic”.

– Father told us: your child unbaptized, – complained to the father of the deceased boy Roman Polishchuk. The Church where we were baptized, – “the self-styled”.

The priest, however, told reporters a few additional details of the incident: who was present, hearing of the refusal of the rite, began to push the priest, and the father of the deceased struck the priest. My parents took the coffin with the body of the child to the nearest temple of John of Kronstadt; but even there, the priests did not become inveterate “not their” child. “Helped” to come to the location of the funeral procession, the priest of the Church of St. Nicholas of the UOC-KP. That is the one and baptized the baby.

Ritual service, which was engaged in the funeral, the fault in happened does not see. The regional center has only two temples of the Kyiv Patriarchate, the rest belong to the UOC-MP.

Archpriest Evgeny Molchanov on the phone told reporters that on the soul of the innocent victims of child praying at home. In the temple to bury the unbaptized are not permitted; all the rites of the “competing firm”, that is to say, the UOC-KP, for him and his fellow – invalid.

The priest was supported by the Metropolitan of Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka. The Hierarch believes the responsibility for the incident lies with funeral service that “default” has decided to carry the body to Church is not that of subordination.

Of course, in Kiev readily seized on the scandal in Zaporozhye.

Meanwhile, residents of Zaporizhia every day you go with puppets and toys to churches of the Moscow Patriarchate. Similar action began in Kiev at the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Flashmob #prineslo picked up in other Ukrainian cities.

Yesterday in Zaporozhye the first incident happened: the men who brought the dolls to the Church of saints Peter and Fevronia, beat some of the “aunts”. Found out about the incident, social media users urged to carry to the temples are not dolls, and cans. To start empty – but to the clergy realized that the canisters will then gasoline.

Given such a wide resonance, Metropolitan of Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka (Kovalenko) “blessed the clergy of the diocese entrusted to him privately to pray for the tragically dead baby Eugene.”

Is that enough for a “mix” Zaporozhye Church scandal, we learn in the near future.

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