Killers balalaika ensemble of Nadezhda Babkina looking for a station among the homeless

Balalaika theatre “Russian song” of Nadezhda Babkina, the 41-year-old Dmitri Kalinin, December 30, was found dead with two stab wounds to the heart in the area of Kursk station, could kill unfriendly homeless. Such assumption was put forward by the investigators of the UK.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, Kalinin stopped communicating with family and friends at the end of December, so his wife asked for help to the representatives of the search and rescue team. The last time the musician was seen on 27 Dec on Garden-Chernogryazskay street. And on 30 December at about 17.00 his body was discovered not far from the Garden ring under the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks near the Local impasse. A terrible discovery was made by tramps, they immediately called the district, and he called the emergency services. Kalinin was dressed in a black jacket, jeans. And the hearts gaped two knife holes. All valuables and documents were with him.

Police immediately rejected the version that the injured Dmitry could cause himself. And buddies doubt — the reasons were not. In the life of Dmitry, the members of the group “After 11”, the talented conductor and balalaika, known as CrazyBalalaika, everything was fine. A native of Naberezhnye Chelny, graduated from the Saratov state Conservatory, since 2003 he worked in the theater “Russian song”.

Dmitry brought balalaika to a new level, all the time experimenting with the tool — have found a new form of music presentation. Was very stable in the game, any mistakes at concerts. In addition, a great arranger, carefully treated this case — says a teacher of the Conservatory Alexander Kurylenko.

In addition to the balalaika Dmitri liked to play whistles, pan-pipes and was considered a “highlight” in the ensemble. Career went uphill.

However, family life was not all smooth. There were rumors that Dmitry has complicated relations with his wife-pianist (he met her while studying at the Conservatory). The couple raised three children in which the musician doted. First, meeting with friends, he always showed pictures of offspring and proudly spoke about their achievements. By the way, Kalinin was able to prepare excellent berry alcohol tincture, loved to entertain friends. But hardly he would began to drink with strangers.

Anyway, the basic version of police assault persons without a certain residence in this place often meet homeless people.

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