On the “Golden globe” staged a flash mob “the black widows”

January 7 in Los Angeles hosted the 75th award ceremony “Golden globe”. She established the Hollywood foreign press Association, which includes about 90 people, including our former compatriots who settled in the United States. Actress EN masse came in black. Sad widows they’re not reminded, but could participate in the film called “Fifty shades of black”. Among them the star of a real hit “Fifty shades of grey” Dakota Johnson, and also in black. Thus determined ladies expressed their solidarity with women subjected to daily harassment from men.

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

The list of rapists opened recently successful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. All of whom he “wronged” declassified “dangerous liaisons” and brought the poor guy to a complete collapse. Harvey for the first time in a long time, was not present at the “Golden globe”, has lost his job and wife, who left him in the midst of a sex scandal. Hollywood activists are successful in raising funds to support the victims of sexual harassment. They will provide legal advice to the Actresses, housemaids, waitresses, anyone who was abused. And men, most likely, will not approach them on a gun shot not to fall into the category of rapists. Master of ceremonies — comedian Seth Meyers joked on the topic of the day: “Good evening, ladies and the rest gentlemen.”

Drama on “the Gold globe” and “Oscar” are always there. Fair game was policy and even the President of the United States. Now, angry women declared war on men. And awards received films, the heroine of which went to RAM the horrible reality, which otherwise can not win.

In the category “Best dramatic film” of the five paintings won “Three of the Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri” by Martin McDonagh. She shot 47-year-old British playwright and Director, most famous for his film “lay low in Bruges”. We in the theatre know it to pieces “-the Pillowman” and “the Lonely West”. “Three of the Billboard…” is a really strong painting, and is rightly awarded best screenplay, written by the Director. But too much of it refers to the Coen brothers. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the main role was played by the wife and Muse of Joel Cohen McDormand, which was named for the “Golden globe” “best actress in a drama film”. Her character lost her daughter. Time goes by and the killer not found. Exhausted woman starts the fight, rented billboards at the entrance to the city from which it sent a letter to the local chief of police. Sam Rockwell, brilliantly played officer Dixon noted for the role of the second plan.

“Best Director”, according to the Association, Guillermo del Toro, who directed “Form of water” — the story of the ugly janitor who saves with cunning Russian human-amphibian. For del Toro this is a breakthrough. Such awards of his previous films have not yet received. Who wrote the soundtrack to the film Alexandre Desplat has been named “best composer”.

Gary Oldman was the “best actor in a dramatic film.” He played a 65-year-old British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in “the Dark times” by Joe Wright. But seen himself in this role and a few years ago to play Churchill refused. Not the physical complexion. He now says: “Look at me and Churchill.” But in many ways the work of makeup artists did their job: two hours of hair and makeup and a few pounds of extra weight ensured the recognition.

The list of nominees is huge, it presents and television work. For example, among mini-series and movies for television marked “Big little lies” and in it Nicole Kidman as best actress in this category, as well as Laura Dern and Alexander Skarsgard for the role of the second plan. And here prevails mostly women, capable of anything. Award voting for the award “Golden globe” awarded his colleague — famous TV host Oprah Winfrey. At the ceremony, she recalled his mother — a cleaner of other people’s apartments. By the way, and the main prize-winner Martin McDonagh’s mother also worked as a cleaner, but he about it from the stage is not told.

In the category “Best foreign language film” was presented to the Russian “Dislike” by Andrei Zvyagintsev. In 2015, he has already received a Golden globe for “Leviathan”, so you can count on the award obviously was problematic. Expectations were associated with European favourite is the Swedish “Square” Ruben Ostlund, but he got nothing. Thought great were the chances of the picture “First they killed my father” Angelina Jolie shot in Cambodia in Khmer language about the genocide in this country, but she was lucky. Suddenly the “Golden globe” got the picture “At the limit” by German Director of Turkish origin Fatih akin, representing Germany. Who performed the main role Diane Kruger is already selected at the Cannes film festival prize for best actress. Husband and young son of the heroine died in the terrorist attack, and because those who are called to investigate the crime and punish the perpetrators, passive, pushed to the limit by the woman enters on the path of revenge. Fatih akin is a great Director, able like few people with humour and tenderness to talk about the problems of migrants, but in this case he made a very banal picture, in which everything is inverted and controversial. The deceased husband of the heroine is Muslim, and the perpetrators neo — Nazis. But as the world is engulfed in a terrorist epidemic, all of this somehow influenced the decision of the Association members who took the decision.

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