Source: Russian security services have eliminated the terrorist Khattab with a poisoned letter

Source events pertaining to the elimination in 2002, fought in Chechnya terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Khattab, told the media the details of this secret operation. This information is not disclosed for 15 years and now sounded for the first time.



Recall that Samer Saleh al-Suwailem, better known as Amir Ibn al-Khattab, or simply Khattab, was one of the leaders of armed groups of the self-proclaimed Ichkeria. Before this terrorist from Saudi Arabia preached the ideas of Wahhabism in Afghanistan and Tajikistan and participated in the fighting on the side of the Islamists.

As reported on Monday 8 January, the Agency “Rosbalt”, the elimination of Khattab was not easy for Russian security services because he was hiding in the mountains with a small group of bodyguards, constantly changed the place overnight. His group was forbidden to use technical means which could be tracked. The only means of communication with the outside world with Khattab was the letters that were left in the recesses and passed through the chain of couriers.

Then the security services announced a reward for information which will help to eliminate Khattab and this “rod” swallowed by one of the couriers.

Finally in March 2002, recruited by the courier reported that Saudi Arabia received a letter for Khattab. Then from Moscow urgently flew specialist in poisons that processed this letter is a special compound with nerve substance. Moreover, the composition was designed in such a way that they started to act only after two days.

Later, when I was detained by one of the personal bodyguards of Khattab, it became known that the terrorist received this letter, read and burned in the fire. Two days later, the fighters gathered in the woods mushrooms, roasted them, ate and immediately after that, Khattab felt sick and his mouth started foaming and he died. The militants were convinced that the reason that fell Khattab grebe. They guessed about what had occurred only after the same signs appeared at all, who was holding a letter. Among them were those who did not eat mushrooms. Died just five people who came into contact with poisoned paper.

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