The Network has published a video of the fall of the Russian gymnasts in Gomel

The Internet has got a home video made by the audience during a circus performance in Gomel, when during the execution of the stunt broke the Russian 20-year-old gymnast Yulia Titaeva.

As reported by Sputnik-Belarus, state of emergency in the Gomel circus occurred on 5 January but just two days later it became known about it to the media.

Tekaeva arrived in Gomel on a tour together with the team of Alisher Aliyev participated in the program “Ground flight” in which performed challenging acrobatic stunts on top.

In particular, gymnasts climbed on the shoulders of the partners, and then they threw them to each other. As is clear from the resulting video, first performance of the trick went normally, but at one point lovitor couldn’t hold the girl and she slipped from his hands, flew down, hit the edge of the safety net and fell into the arena.

In many circuses, the grid is stretched in such a way that to fall outside virtually impossible. But here the grid would have saved her only if she’d have fallen straight down and not flew backward, where the grid is already over. However, the edge of the grid most likely saved her from more serious injuries. Fractures her no, but she developed a hematoma of the head. While Julia remains in intensive care under close supervision of physicians. They believe that you may be able to do without surgery.

Previously in the arena of Gomel state circus was already an emergency. So in 1986, here from-for malfunctions of circus equipment were killed in the Soviet Union’s favorite clown Iriska.

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