Actress Olga Lapshina grew potatoes “Leviathan”

Olga Lapshina is a very popular actress. She starred in the films “to Live” Vasily sigareva, “All will die, and I will stay” Valeria Gai Germanicus, “the Goddess. I fell in love” by Renata Litvinova, a few paintings by Andrei Zvyagintsev. In the theater Olga actively worked with Vladimir Mirzoyev, Mikhail Egorovym, Timofey kulyabin, plays “fairy Tales of Pushkin”, where she personally selected the famous Robert Wilson. Those who are called, the actual Directors see it as something special. Olga – also a folk singer, performing alone and with her husband, performer of Russian songs, composer, multiinstrumentalist Sergey Starostin.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Olga Lapshin Aleksei Serebryakov at the award ceremony “White elephant”.

– Why having such vocal to be a dramatic actress, not a professional singer?

– Like what? I consider myself an actress, it’s my main profession. Well, that is useful to my voice and songs that can intersperse folklore in drama, movie or play. In my family I’m considered a d student. My husband, Sergei Starostin – is a professional musician. Daughter Masha – violinist since childhood, singing and doing it better than I do. I guess I kind of family inherited the humility of pride.

I love to sing. For thirty years, the folklore is my subject. I played the original song, some guitar strumming. I love the stage in 1960s-1970s, which accounted for my childhood. My sister, she is older than me by seven years, was a songwriter. So I captured a still earlier period. In the company of peers love to sing the songs of our youth.

– When did you realize that you have a voice?

Folk voice opened in the ‘ 80s. in 1986 I started to go in a folklore expedition from the Moscow Conservatory. Sergei Starostin was then chief of the expedition. Basically there was going students of the Conservatory. I was playing in the theater “On the boards”, and one of our actors went to a Conservatory. He got me in the folk world. We went kayaking in remote places of the Tver region, slept in tents, traveled to nearby villages with a huge tape recorders and collecting songs. My acting career was interesting and Ethnography, the stories of grandparents, as they say. All down in a notebook.

– Was it useful?

. In the play, “That this light” on the play by Alexei Kazantsev, directed by Vladimir Mirzoyev has scrapie several musical numbers. In parallel, there was “Doves” on the play by Mikhail Ugarov, where I also sang and was sozialstaat. Then it was not enough actors, which included a folk song in the theatrical repertoire. At some point, there was fear. It seemed that I will use in theater only as a folk singer. My daughter Masha, too, have this fear, because it is two-and-a-half years on the stage, and she has a huge repertoire.

And she, too, chose a dramatic actress?

Yes. Since childhood took her to good performances. Not that she’s in the dressing room was brought up, no. We had a nanny. But we have traveled with the play “the Bummer off”. I have children like kittens dragged on all tours. They communicated with talented people, and it could not they are not affected. My son Steve since childhood is writing. He is now 24 years old, and he became a writer.

– You are in demand in the theatre and cinema mostly current Directors, worked with Vasily sigareva…

– Andrey Proshkina and Andrei Zvyagintsev in the cinema, and theatre, with Vladimir Ageev, Kirill Serebrennikov, Timofey kulyabin… Even with Robert Wilson what few people in Moscow can boast. I guess I’m something valuable.

– What you waiting for?

– A difficult question. Was a magical period, when opened the Centre of drama and directing under the direction of Alexey Kazantsev and Mikhail Roshchin, a gathering of advanced playwrights and Directors, actors from different theatres. It was a place of theatrical dissent. It is rich in interesting people. I felt like the village in his sleigh. Of the 11 performances of the Center were able to keep only the “Captured spirits” Vladimir Ageev, I am very pleased. I also had several performances with Vladimir Mirzoyev, of which now remains “Tolstoy-Stolypin. Private correspondence” in the Theater. dоc.

– Wilson demanded that?

– Tell, how was the casting. I was late for the train. Time is short, and we had sniper fire to prove that it’s mine, and run away. Was in me an inner confidence and a great desire to work with Wilson. And it worked. I had to read a Shakespeare sonnet and sing. Wilson was given the job. Natasha she read like she’s a duck. And I had to behave like a star, as a folk artist. Well, then I broke out what was on the calendar, sang something winter. In the train got the message that was cast.

– You have a main place of work?

– Five years ago, my employment history was in the Theater. What it can do. When I was fired, for what I in hindsight was even grateful, just free up time, the opportunity to act, to dispose of them. Invited to play, “job” Sasha Denisova at the New stage of the Moscow art theatre. I like what I’m playing at the Theatre of Nations, busy with three performances of “Figaro. The events of one day” “Pushkin’s fairy Tales” and “Ivanov”. Glad to be in this clip that there are always full houses. Yevgeny Mironov likes to work with “their”.

– You became “his” for multiple Directors. But is it what they offer? The role of some colorful aunt beautiful, but I want, perhaps, something else?

– I sometimes called a master of the episode, and I’m dreaming of the title role. Waiting for her. Wanted even using social networking to advertise the offer me the lead role in the movie. My biggest weakness is laziness the mother. I have still no portfolio. I’m like a rolling stone, under which water flows. Does not do this, just work. And there is no time to fuss. Maybe to lose weight twenty kilograms to suggested that the main role?

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
Olga Lapshina is always in the way.

“My husband believes that singing together strengthens the family”

– When we were at the festival of Russian cinema “Sputnik over Poland” you said that travel to this country take its toll, and spoke there with the audience only in Polish.

– There is a place in Northern Poland – Czarna Dombrovka, where I first appeared in 1988. There were people who worked with Grotowski personally and other eminent Directors. Except the poles were Italians, French, Germans, Danes, and even one Indian. During the month we lived in tents in the woods, engaged in daily training, did a show, which brings together the public from Warsaw. This fresh theatrical air formed me, gave a sense of independence. I studied with Galina Volchek in GITIS and the idea had to dream to stay in the “contemporary”. But after having tasted the freedom of the theatre after seeing so many talented people from different countries, dreaming of something else. After Poland went to France, where for two years with a donkey, horses, wagons wandered in the international troupe in small towns and villages of Provence, the Pyrenees and other regions. Where we have not visited. Sang, danced, juggled, walked around the city, inviting to a presentation, like the clowns or the Bremen town musicians. I came to Moscow only in order to Repack the backpack. All of this was not only theatrical, but also my human education.

With my Italian friend Simone, 25 years of living in Paris, we still speak Polish, as it is for us a common language. In 1992, during our first tour we recorded a CD “Rejoice”. It came out in France. In 1993, its presentation took place in Toulouse at the conference “Sacred planet”. In April we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the disc with a concert in the medieval town of Provins.

– What language did you sing?

– Russian, Ukrainian, lemkowska – there is such little people in Poland. On the disk was written: “Olga Lapshina. Songs of the women of old Russia”.

– You kind of tramp?

– If you earned some money, spent it on a ticket, on the road somewhere.

“Tramp this Lapshin” – said about me Polish theater critic Katarzyna Osinska. So. I used to say that I lived like a Gypsy. But “tramp” is a more accurate word. I wanted to see the world. One time dreamed of becoming an international flight attendant.

– How you learned from Galina Volchek, if all the time traveled?

– In absentia. I’m 27 years old, he entered GITIS. Before that I worked eight years in the youth library on Preobrazhenka in the reading room and the Department of vocational guidance. In parallel he studied in the library Institute on a speciality “librarian-bibliographer of the children and youth literature.” I was still working in the theatre “On the boards”. As soon as he became a professional, retired from the library. He entered GITIS. Had to leave the theater. They told me: “it’s theater or theatre”. I said, “Learn not leaving” and with trembling hand wrote a resignation letter. Never for a second regretted it.

– You are participating in the project “Touch”. This is more than a show? Action?

– We talk about people perceiving the world through touch, and I wouldn’t call it neither action nor inclusive theatre. It’s just decent artwork. I was not aware that a number of us live deaf-blind people for whom every day is a victory, a breakthrough. Now I understand that if, God forbid, with me something happens is not the end of the world. You can continue to live, to enjoy every day as our heroes. They’re traveling. They have families, profession. They are an example of that to be depressed is not necessary. For three years the performance of their life changed. And for us it’s a chance to look from another angle of view on your life, stop whining and complaining.

– What are the specifics of participation in the performance of professional actors?

– I was an actress and translator. The most important thing in this performance is to tell a story of a real hero, sometimes funny, to tell about the dreams of deaf-blind people. We went to St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and you may say, planted there for the experience. Two and a half years have played the Russian version of “Tangency”, and recently appeared international, which we visited in London and Paris, at the cultural forum in St. Petersburg. The troupe now consists of deaf-blind people, the British, French, Indian. In parallel with the “Tangency” I started working in inclusive play “the Seagull” Olga Pryadilova under the supervision of Mikhail Makeyev and Dmitry Brusnikina. We – the three actors go on stage with people with disabilities. The last two years, this topic has been actively developing in theater and film. Good thing we paid attention to such people.

– Feature of our deaf-blind actors from overseas?

– Our actors have changed dramatically over the three years. Before they were clamped, and now better say, blossomed like flowers. When we rehearsed with the French, faced with the fact that they basically do not want to speak in a voice as preach in sign language, defending their right to it. Now works with us American amélie from Lyon. There are amazing Raja from India, living in London. It’s endowed with a specific body language, it seems that she dances. Look at her is a pleasure.

Theatre occupies a large part of your life, not a movie?

– Yes, but I still shoot a lot. Recently finished shooting two films, “A. L. J. I. R.,” Alexander Kasatkin and the Akmola camp for wives of traitors of the Motherland, where he played a prisoner Lazutkina, and “no Parking” Yuri Kuzmenko on the Comedy scenario “Diplomat”. Denis Evstigneev, and he is the producer of the project, with good sense of humor. I had already in several projects filmed. He loves me.

– How often do you perform together with your husband?

– We use any opportunity to get together and sing. He is a very busy man, but believes that singing together strengthens the family. One of the projects Ann – “Family trio of Sergey Starostin”. We often sing a duet because of employment at the School-Studio of MKHAT our daughter Masha is not always able to join us. Sereja has solo concerts. His most famous composition, including abroad, and who is already 27 years old, Moscow Art Trio Mikhail Alperin and Arkady Shilkloper. Andrei Kotov, Vladimir Volkov and Leonid Fedorov Sergei takes the “Edifying songs for every day”. He has several more musical projects.

– The audience at home and abroad often waiting for the Russian song something pseudo-folk, pub.

– I as the forces fighting it. There are some things that I can piss off. The subject of folklore and real Russian songs I will defend as Sergei Starostin. Today a lot of substitutions. The basis though, and lies deeply buried in the folklore, but everything turned into a smash hit, Kalinka-Malinka. Many people have not heard this, and they offered gum that they are taking over a Russian song. People a hundred years will look back and not see the real treasures.

– You are beautiful and original and dress up, using clothes folk motifs.

I prefer the traditional Russian style in clothes. To me it is. If you have the opportunity to bring an authentic costume, it is heavy – take to demonstrate it to people. My husband bought a village in the Belgorod costume – paneva, shirt. But I have no real headgear. And stylized clothing lot, designer suits patchwork and not only.

– Recently you became an avid ogorodnia, planted cinematic variety.

– We have a dacha near Nizhny Novgorod. Funeral planted the plants there in support of one particular picture. My kinogorod began with “Leviathan”. 23 may 2014, when the film Andrei Zvyagintsev showed at the Cannes film festival, I planted a few tubers, said: “In support of the film “Leviathan” this potato will be named the same name”. That same summer before the “Kinotavr” cucumbers planted “Class of correction” in the old basket without a bottom, put it in the garden. As in the movie Vani Tverdovsky correction was observed. One Bush died, and the two grew up. This is of course a joke, but it has borne fruit – for the half year, the film won 55 awards at various festivals. Garlic planted in the winter, and I had no question what to call it. Of course, “Like Lech-garlic carried Vitka Pin in the nursing home”. By that time I already acted in film Alexander hunt. In may, we came to the country. Look – garlic vengeance rising. Well, I think that worked. Indeed showered with awards.

Only three films had a garden support?

– There were others. Potato “electric chair” appeared after the short film of Evgeny Zverev, where we filmed with Victor Sukhorukov. This summer I planted potatoes in support of the anthology “It’s not forever” Eugene Jackiey and Alena Rubinstein and zucchini “Close” – the title of the film Xenia Zueva. The harvest, potatoes and zucchini eaten. Last year I grew courgettes “Zoology” and “Student” in support of the companions. And your zucchini “Her name is Mumu” grew after starring in the film Vladimir Mirzoyev.

– Not really, you supported “Her name is Mumu”. To the audience she reached.

– The wife of Volodya – Katya asked me, “How’s our “pumpkin? Something we do not give a distribution certificate”. This year I have had a bow “the Lost reflection” for the film Elena Isaevoj “the Lost reflection. Confessions of a kept woman”. We quickly ate. I basically called crops only by the films in the series do not circulate.

– Under them a separate patch to take.

– The series will not disappear, due to be screened, and the films need support. Some names really fit well on a particular culture. When my husband began to conduct in Vyborg the Russian-Finnish festival of ethnic music “the Cuckoo”, I advised him something to plant. So a bow “Cuckoo”.

– Your daughter can put something in support of the play “Janko Krul Albanian” in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre. It almost got shut down, accused of the appearance of the actor to wear on the causal place.

– Yes, and attributed the profanity, which was not.The performance will remain the same hooligan. He staged the play Dadaist zdanevicha, but not all of it.

– Olga, are you happy? What more do you want?

– I catch myself that all dreams are connected with my children. I would like to place in human terms, in the family and profession, to meet interesting people. In our performance with the participation of deaf-blind actors each say a few words about himself. Start with the fact that I, the actress Olga Lapshina, thank God for children and meeting wonderful people. You wish the world was without boundaries, to live without wars. For me a sore subject – Ukraine. I can’t even talk about it physically hurt. When we were in Poland, I thought about what a joy it is to ride with a cultural mission, to break the artificially created taboos to overcome hostility between peoples. I’ve done this before. My friends-poles 80 – e years, said: “now we understand why learn this Russian. In order to communicate with you, to listen and to understand your songs.” How horrible were the texts in Polish textbooks! How they love other people? As funny a textbook of the Russian language in Italy. Nothing more primitive and ridiculous not to find. We were fucking around with laughter reading it with my friend Simone. They even wanted to do the play in such textbooks.

Apart from politics, there are human relationships that we have no right to lose, no matter what planted the rulers, whatever the policy towards another country. Love still wins.

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