Blame garland: suburban firefighters called the fire with four dead

Christmas tree garland could cause a terrible fire in Sergiev Posad near Moscow, which killed four people, including two young children.


As it became known “MK”, fire engulfed one of the apartments in the house №20 in the street Berounsky in the night of 9 January. According to preliminary data of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow region, on the fourth floor of five-storey buildings shorted wiring. This, most likely, broke furniture, threw the thick smoke.

Everything was black from burning, fire even ploughed the stairs, as nothing could be seen, — told “MK” the eyewitness of an event. — We have an old house, a lot of wooden elements in the design, the cabinets on the stairs, they smoked. The smoke immediately went upstairs in a Studio apartment on the fifth floor. There the family lived out near abroad: husband wife and two small children. Rescuers took the kids still breathing, but doctors failed to resuscitate them, they with their parents were poisoned by carbon monoxide and died. On the street happened a nightmare! Everyone was shouting, and one woman (I think it’s a relative of the family from the fifth floor) all the time, cried and fainted. Heard rescuers say the ignition source was the Christmas tree, the fire went from the garlands that adorned her.

According to locals, the deceased family (35-year-old man, 28-year-old woman and their two young children in 2012 and 2014 of birth) rented an apartment recently. The owners constantly gave “odnushku” guests from the CIS countries, so the neighbors don’t even have time to meet. In addition to accidents in the fire injured five people, including the owner of the apartment where the fire occurred. All of them were hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning.

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