Details of the theft the actor Barinov: “Worried, have not seen my son”

To please the hereditary of actor and Director Egor Barinov, who was the victim of pickpockets, can’t the city guards. Searches of malefactors, robbed the artist in the restaurant in the South-East of Moscow, where he arrived for a meeting with the ex-wife and son, did not give tangible results.

Photo: the website of Yegor Barinov.

As we found out “MK”, trouble with the 42-year-old star of the TV series happened before the holidays. A gentleman just arrived in the mother see of Petersburg, where he completed work as the Director of the series “Secrets of investigation” and worked with the actor in a new series called “Code”. After the shooting, the gentleman withdrew from his account $ 1,700. The next day after his arrival he went to meet his 17-year-old son and ex-wife, actress Elena Novikova.

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As has told to militiamen the actor himself, the child he had not seen for six months and was waiting for the meeting. The restaurant near the metro station “Kuzminki” the artist arrived in his car. According to Yegor Barinov, he was worried sick, what I forgot to go to the Bank to put this money into the account. For this reason, the man didn’t remember who was sitting at the next table. He hung the jacket on the rack between the seats, ordered some Asian dishes and held in the restaurant, talking with my son about an hour. After the meeting, the actor came to his home in Novo-Peredelkino, where he waited for the family (wife, actress Ksenia Mishina, and three daughters). In the home suddenly the electricity went out, and the evening passed in a turmoil. The next day, the actor wanted to check in the pocket of the documents, but they weren’t there. From the jacket is missing the paper on the car “Toyota”, passport, driver’s license and $ 1,700. After loss detection Egor Barinov immediately contacted the local police Department. Law enforcement officers took the actor’s statement and more had not contacted him. The victim told police that the stolen amount is significant. In addition, the star noted that Moscow will have until January 16, and after flying to Southeast Asia on vacation.


Egor Barinov is the son of actor Valery Barinov. First appeared in film at the age of five. In 1996 he appeared in the film “Agape” with his father. In recent years, gained fame through his roles in the serials “the March Turkish”, “kadetstvo”, “Detectives of regional scale”, “Daddy’s girls”, “Marina grove”, “Two sisters”, “Margo”.

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