Published photo blown up in St. Petersburg, bombs and ignorant message of “demolition”

Journalists got acquainted with the content of the message 35-year-old “nationalist” Dmytro Lukianenko, who laid in the storage room of the St. Petersburg store a bomb, wounding 18 people. The flow of thoughts of suicide clearly explain why a fighter with the “infernal” world” and “davontae” consisted on the account in a psychoneurological clinic.

Photo: NAC.

The portal in addition to the content recording also posted a photo of the bomb that, unlike messages Lukyanenko built “correctly” propped nuts to enhance the damaging effect.

The record, as stated in the material, familiar to normal people logic it is difficult to detect: the author jump, he talks about some of the miracles and writes with a lot of grammatical errors.

“…Pat see a simple rozhovory at Malakhov or Devers … for the FSB, the KGB and the President will proishodit in kindergartens , schools, the children will die and you will be responsible for everything and for Tago into-used to let people know into this tale and not a major problematic the tragedy of Russia” – is a part of the message “demolition man”. He either threatens their bomb planted in a kindergarten, or trying to say that it is quite possible.

Lukyanenko also recalls his stay in another Soviet kindergarten, where “dolbanut pohotlivye people.” There were able to move through walls, abducted children, police was sentenced to death. It is even about contactless method of abduction, which sees Dimitri, and such application: “I think, into can apartments and pressing well, and maybe even to Rob banks, and perhaps to seize power”.

A man tells about his struggle with “retarded uncle and aunt”, makes it against the parent, on how to without the intervention of infernal forces almost left without a kidney if you suspect an Appendix.

The first indications of response was relatively clear. Investigators from his words I understood that he was talking about the “cult of psychics” and were dissatisfied with the kind of training center “DEIR” – “Further energetic-informational development”. Argued that was found abandoned at the scene flash the message is addressed to “the sect of the zealots”.

“To let people know a cult of psychics”: published video of interrogation of the St. Petersburg suicide

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