Put out of the aircraft, “FSB major” Arshavin promised to sue the stewardess

Wife of Russian footballer Andrei Arshavin Alice promised to sue the stewardess of “Aeroflot” after her and the kids expelled from the interior of the plane on the way to Almaty. The wife of the athlete still does not consider himself to blame the scandal and insists he was the victim of the crew.

Photo: facebook.comAlice Kazmina.

In Kazakhstan Alisa Arshavin gave an interview to the NTV channel, in which he promised to sue the senior flight attendant Anastasia, the conflict which led to the expulsion of a passenger in business class.

“The captain says this: sorry for the delay, take-off is delayed by 15 minutes. We were not on the runway, not even taxied, we just pulled away from the ladder, I had to detach the baby and change clothes,” – said Arshavin.

In most of the airlines previously gave his version of what happened. According to a press release of the carrier, a conflict erupted after Arshavin tried to transplant to his business class nanny children, although one was issued a ticket in economy. This, of course, refused.

According to the testimony of crew members, this failure is the player’s wife took as “a personal insult”. During the movement of the aircraft on the runway Arshavin undid her 10-month-old daughter and began defiantly to change her diaper.

After repeated warnings, including written, the commander of the crew decided to postpone the flight and to land Arshavin. While the press release emphasized that the passenger was trying to put pressure on the crew.

“In the report it is noted that the passenger A. Arshavin has repeatedly called himself the major of FSB, trying to put pressure on the crew”, – stated in the message carrier.

Later Arshavin in interview to TV channel “Russia” on the question of whether she is an employee of the security services, said that really has something to do with intelligence.

“Let’s say, for bodies, Yes, I have attitude. The name Arshavin I am not working, I’m in the lovely position is secured, we will say so. I have enough friends” – she said to journalists.

It can be assumed that extensive contacts have helped Mrs. Arshavina promptly obtain the personal data of its obesity. Soon after the conflict, the flight attendant received threatening TEXTS from the phone number of a footballer’s wife. In this letter emphasized that the airline employee was “dropped off the major of FSB in two children”, for which she will face from two to four years of imprisonment.

She Arshavin has confirmed that the message with threats were sent from her number, but said that did it, “a police officer”.

We will add that after this story became public, the “FSB major” Alice Arshavin barrage of criticism. As a result, she shut down my profile in Instagram — the publications of the page is accessible only to its subscribers.

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