Recognized dead the Spanish prisoner suddenly “arose” before opening

“Miraculous resurrection” occurred in one of the prisons in the North of Spain. Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez, recognized dead after a medical examination, regained consciousness for a few minutes before opening.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

About a curious case, wrote the newspaper The Local. According to him, the 29-year-old Jimenez, who is serving a sentence for theft, were not at the usual morning roll call. Later the officers found him sitting on a chair motionless, the pulse of men not palpable.

The prisoner was examined by three doctors who concluded that he was dead, then the body of a Spaniard was taken to the forensic medicine Institute. On his death alerted relatives.

However, before the autopsy pathologists had heard suspicious sounds similar to snoring. Opening the bag in which was the corpse, doctors were surprised to find that the man is actually alive.

Later, the relatives said that Jimenez suffers from catalepsy (so-called waxy flexibility, is characterized by the hardening of the whole body or limb in any position), and an unusual breath stems from the fact that he got the wrong meds.

In addition, in their opinion, was violated medical protocols: three doctors gave the cause of death, could not be wrong. The family assumed that the body was examined by only one doctor and the other two just put the signature under the document. They are already preparing a lawsuit.

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