The mystery of the brutal murder of a Kyrgyz mobster in Moscow: the massacre was preceded by a fight

Close Kyrgyz thief in law Ulan Toktosunova (nickname Sakal) 37-year-old Iskender of Govorov and his fellow-villager was found murdered in the vicinity of the Moscow Zhukovsky — male body with multiple stab wounds caught from the Moskva river by the local fishermen. A preliminary version of the incident — shootouts.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, mutilated bodies pulled from the water on January 7, initially the individual to determine it did not. Faces it was clear that both victims were Kyrgyz. Their countrymen began to send photographs of the bodies of the messengers, and soon responded to the relatives of 36-year-old Murat Mamataliev. It turned out that on December 30 relatives went to the police with a statement about the missing person — Mamataliev Dec 29, left home along with her friend Iskender Alboroseum and more men alive saw. And as it turned out, they both became victims of criminals — they’re wanted by the operatives.

Alborozo – a previously convicted citizen, consists on the account of the police of Kyrgyzstan as a member of the OPG. In places not so remote, he spent no more than three years — according to a cousin of Zamirbek, Iskander crime committed in his youth and stupidity.

Anyway, on the Internet there are photos where Iskander sits alongside the criminal authority Ulan by Toktosunova. Alborozo a native of the village of Kurshab of Uzgen district, has long lived in Moscow, in Lyublino, raising a two year old daughter and 12-year-old son from his first marriage. Wife works as a hairdresser on the market “Gardener”.

A villager and a classmate by Mamataliev, according to relatives, Govorov know superficially, however, immediately offered his Moscow housing when Mamataliev a month and a half ago I asked for help. The fact that a seven year old son Mamataliev (all men, three children, youngest daughter is 7 months old) is seriously ill. The boy has congenital malformations of the organs. He was treated in Moscow hospitals, and from the age of four from time to time carry on his rehabilitation in Germany. Another visit to the clinic was scheduled for February 2018. The money for the trip and treatment Mamataliev went to make in the Moscow region. He got on the scene, also did repairs in the apartment, and spent the night at the countryman.

29 December Mamataliev, according to relatives, received a salary. 30 thousand rubles he had planned to send wife home, but the woman did not wait.

It turned out, Alborozo this day, invited the friend in cafe on the street Belorechenskaya — drove their classmate Nazar. He dropped off the men and left. The café was already sitting other countrymen.

It seems, according to witnesses, after the meetings there was a fight, the men jostled in the car, was taken to an area where brutally killed.

Most likely, the crime is connected with the Affairs Alborosea. Although, according to relatives, Iskander had long forgotten about his criminal past and honestly worked on the construction of a 22-storey building, mainly engaged in laying laminate. Mamataliev as sure his family were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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