Vladimir Pankov: “Soon the Czechs will be as “the Word about Igor’s regiment”

Center of drama and directing Kazantsev and Roshchina, who until recently was reminded of himself only a trade Union scandals and financial nature (in the last Director even started ugolovku), reborn. Two of his most recent premieres — “Old house” and “Sneakers” released a new artistic Director Vladimir Pankov one after another convince in Moscow there was a powerful young team, not without reason, claim to leadership in the modern theatre. In any case, the lessons of mind and heart here are extremely skillfully and with music. And only in this Trinity of power. In the “Old house” lived examples of “Sneakers” browser “MK”.

“Old house”. Photo: Olesya Good

Bossa Nova and small orchestra

The premiere of the play in the basement in two steps from the metro station “Sokol”, where before was the Opera theater of Boris Pokrovsky. The coincidence is not accidental and in some degree related — both drama are literally drowning in music. Of course, in the best sense of the word. But it’s not an Opera, not a musical, and the sound drama. For the uninitiated explain: Pankov, this term determined the direction his theater is when the word grows into the music, and the music explodes word. When the polyphony of a sound creates a polyphony of life. And then the last does not seem flat, but appears multi-dimensional, what it actually is — in 3D, 4, 10, and even 20D. And that feeling of her Vladimir Pankov achieves without fancy technical means, even without microphones the actors — a lively, clear sound and the ability to listen to each other. Music, sound, text, voice — twisted, twisted, impossible without each other, as loyal lovers.

So “Old house” — play, in a sense, historical: it in the 90s began the Center of drama and directing, which the playwright Alexey Kazantsev gathered young, unknown but talented. One of these talents were punks. And now he again put this wonderful play, which begins with a remark on Chekhov, but without a word (middle-aged woman clung to the battered cupboard, that is honorable), but continues at the Shakespeare scene under the balcony.

Photo: Olesya Good

Three couples of different generations — from youth to white-haired — like a charm echoing: “I am…” And then bursts into “Hopes a small little band” of Bulat Okudzhava, but not intimate and soulful, and three-dimensional arrangement, in polyphony, capturing as long as a colon, space at the feet of the audience. And rushed love story that happened in the USSR, with all the attributes of a country that no longer exists and about which I remember only those who were born. With communal without class boundaries, without material superiority, with the local troublemakers, scandals and collective reconciliation, followed by copious libations. It has a lot of love and dislike. An adult, with caution, and the first, ridiculous, reckless. Treacherous, and hopeless for life.

Chess-Prodigy Oleg and the girl, Sasha, who dreams of becoming an artist. Well, what if their ancestors are not mounted to each other because of different social class (globularia simple and changevalue employees). Their daily life is diluted neighbours narcissistic bass virtuoso muckrake looking after someone else’s life, and a lonely woman, the girl that stood by the wardrobe. Her father, the young chess player’s long-standing relationship, and the next champion, going for a smart book like lightning will be amazed by the discovery: it turns out that there is another love, and it somehow attracted to this woman. “Oh, what an amazing night/Only my mother in sadness and anxiety./Where are you walking, my son…”

The songs of Okudzhava not illustrate or complement the text of the play for the playwright, and as though grow from it rapidly brave new sound. In the same way as the songs of Charles Aznavour — song from the distant 60-ies of XX century binds a poignant theme, composed specifically for the play by Sergey Rodukov, long-term colleague and co-author Pankov. This paper, just cracked from the pain of Bossa Nova red thread quilted “Old house”.

Photo: Olesya Good

The melody is very accurately portrayed the time when feelings were brighter, and General poor life — juicier, more colorful. Only the old life in the “Old house” Pankov no nostalgic sighs, but in the context of associations and emotions, peculiar only to great artists with understanding, with forgiveness, without labels, transforming life into a dull plane.

In the “Old house” designed several generations of actors — stars and experienced performers from the side (Elena Yakovleva, Yelena Shanina, Mikhail Yanushkevich, Andrey Zavodyuk, Anna Gulyarenko, Peter Markin, Anton Pakhomov), artists of the CBD (Anastasia Sycheva, Pavel Akimkin, Dmitry kostyaev, Svetlana Kochetkova) and second-year students of GITIS (Faina Koloskov, Nikita Zherebtsov). Representatives of different schools, but all surprisingly plastic, musically and especially beautiful there in the space of the “Old house”.

Wow went for sneakers

After a romantic Old house at Pankova out the Sneakers, and this fashion footwear from the category of soft rubber Slippers tougher soldiers ‘ boots. There are other rhythms — rock, techno, disco. Supermarkets, night clubs and jambs, not the door. “Roll a joint” is hardly to translate from Russian into Russian. Lyuba Strizhak’s play tells the story of the generation who have never lived in communal apartments, not knowing nishitaga time, but such ignorance does not become somehow happier.

photo: polar Irina

If you put the guitar on the floor and jump around, then you hear a strange sound in the empty, deaf and shaking. He is similar to the lives of the characters — three friends of Grisha, Sasha, Misha, not building a career in business, politics or the party line, and the most ordinary, from the generation that knows everything about life… from the Internet by presenting it in diagrams. The same sound will complete their noisy, disorderly life, in which everything is so terribly confusing. Especially today, when the uncertainty of the tones, reflections, double standards stronger contrasting colors, certain someone, not you: red and white, own — strangers, the opposition and loyal. Adult the guys with tetkami confused what to say about Misha with Sasha and Grisha…

Grisha, a short, sturdily built (Paul and Daniel Rassomakhina) just went for sneakers, not to see mother with a nasty stepfather. And by the way, have done stupid things, but saved two girls from Horny wealthy man ceased to be an office worker, found out his Katka (Anastasia Sycheva) is expecting his child, but for some reason he did not, and friend Sasha (Victor Maminov) to marry her. Again, no Shoe was on the opposition rally and for some reason spit in the face of the COP, for which shlopotal in the face. He howled like a wolf, throwing back his head: “I don’t want to be a father”, but selflessly rushed to the paddy wagon that took him to another friend — Bear (Alexey Lysenko).

A serious attempt to scan a generation that some call lost know-it-all, managed — and dramatically, directing, and acting. Feeling violently dissolute and disastrous rock concert, ably played by young performers from Pankov.

After the performance, he says:

— I thought that plays “Old house” should begin a new life. It will be right to pay tribute to the past and to go in the future, because the topic of continuity for me is now one of the most important. I’m watching today and see how behaves the younger generation they like with a mustache, in isolation.

But it is a property of youth, and you yourself must have been so?

We could freak out when we have something did not suit, but there was a moment when I realized — it is necessary to listen to the older generation. And it doesn’t matter, in the Soviet time it happened or in this reality. What would they say? Can accept or not accept, but respect is required. So this topic is for me there is a red thread. I could say: “Alexey gave us life — thank you, and now myself, this is my theatre”. No — it’s our theatre! He was the past and the future will be.

— In the troupe of artists not only from different generations but from different schools. How to bring everyone to a common denominator, learn to speak the same language with you?

Over the year and a half I see how it came together, as suited to one language, master a musical way of being in the score, how can you live in it and be alive. You know, the sound drama is not even a genre, it eliminates the genre inside and allows you to juggle genres. Here is the “Old house” is a kind of pastoral, a return to the melodrama that is based on feelings. Rigidity, aggressiveness — it’s easy to convey the poignancy and sincerity is much more difficult. In the “Old house” as the hero was standing under the balcony — first a boy, young man, then an old man… like shouting: “I spend”, so it will be a lifetime stand. If you like. And “Sneakers” is a Changeling of the “Old house”, and after will McDonagh. It considers not only the performance, but the repertoire needs to be polyphonic. We have the strategy evolves from modern drama to the Soviet, and from her to the classics (Chekhov, Ostrovsky, etc.). And after that go the ancient drama.

Photo: Olesya Good

— Why did you decide to Unscrew in the opposite direction?

— If you don’t know and don’t understand what you’re going through what you’re looking for? I and the students-Directors say: “Work with what you know”, because for him the phrase “Ivan Ignatievich, let’s jam” means nothing. If it cook with the characters that now stand at the Falcon, will catch today’s pace of life, will understand words that are not so distant, then the Czechs will become clear. But soon the Czechs will be as “the Word about Igor’s regiment”. And so be it — he got farther and farther away from us, not situational, and language.

— You just completed a lab “sound reading”. Tell me honestly — talented much?

— After lab, I can responsibly say that there are talented people, but they have yet to spend time. We were supported by the STD, gave a little money so we could pay lecturers, but the fundamental point for me is the lab we did for free. So there are no double standards (doing school and take the money), I wanted it to be clear history. It is what it is.

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