Catch up to 30 years: a doctor discovered the secret to youthful skin

A rare woman under the age of 30 years think about the fact that it will overtake the old. Therefore, the health of their skin “steamed” not every. And often, they do ladies under the age of 30, it’s every day cause and remove makeup. Meanwhile, to preserve youth and beauty, cosmetologists recommend to carefully monitor the skin since my teenage years.


This “MK” told the candidate of medical Sciences, doctor-cosmetologist, dermatologist Ekaterina Luchina.

Sometimes it seems that the skin is still too young to think about such words as cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and treatments. On this, as a rule, do not remember to 40-45 years, while external defects does not declare itself in form of wrinkles. Can the skin to keep themselves healthy and to successfully deal with any external influences ‒ adverse weather conditions, aggressive scrubs, cheap decorative cosmetics of low quality? We discussed with the expert.

– What is the consequence of insufficient care of the skin at a young age?

– Young girls are often faced with skin imperfections. The causes of formation of defects can be very diverse ‒ from mismatched skin funds up to the serious problems with internal organs. Irresponsible attitude to health can immediately affect the face, premature wrinkles, flaking, allergic reactions accompanied with itching and redness, hyperactivity of sebaceous glands,greasy luster, pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores, scars… that is why experts advise to monitor the health condition and skin with an early age, regularly visit doctors, tests and examinations, not to forget the daily care, choose the only proven and safe cosmetics, focusing on skin type, and of course, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Up to what age the skin can be considered young?

– According to scientific research, production of hyaluronic acid and collagen type III, which, in turn, is responsible for the beauty and radiance of the skin, is up to 25 years, although much depends on lifestyle and genetics. So, up to 25 years, we actively produce and accumulate hyaluronic acid, but after 25 its flow begins to dominate over production. Is it environmental factors, and living conditions in Metropolitan areas. Constant lack of sleep, long working hours, frequent flights over short distances, the exhaust from cars, hazardous production facilities of factories, insolation… Also you need to keep in mind that we, as inhabitants of Northern countries are often faced with sudden changes in temperatures when we go outside of the house and Vice versa. This provokes the appearance of such skin disease as rosacea ‒ bright red vascular grid on a face. Because of the constant use of Central heating and due to neglect the culture of drinking the skin is dry, dehydrated and sometimes crack, especially on the hands.

What treatments are most effective for skin up to 30 years?

– As practice shows, a great mistake to think that cosmetic procedures are relevant only for women after 40. To maintain youthful skin tone, as well as to achieve a velvety, elastic and smooth tone of the face will help the following procedures, such as the PRP or the PRP therapy in which the patient introduces injection of his own plasma, making the procedure safe and effective for moisturizing and improving the immunity strength of your body. In addition, young recommended mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid. This procedure is based on microinjections, which include special treatment “mezokokteyli” that help improve blood circulation, deep moisturizing, leveling of terrain and combat skin imperfections. If to speak about fashionable bio-revitalisation, we are talking about the method of injection effects on the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and hands that helps to prevent premature age-related changes by natural to fill the lack of hyaluronic acid. Still perfect laser resurfacing which will help to give the skin a healthy color, smooth and shining look, also eliminating skin hyperpigmentation and acne. And yet this is not enough. Stobierna in the mirror after the procedure pleased as long as possible, experts advise to pay attention to the way of life. It is necessary to establish the drinking regime, give up Smoking and alcohol abuse, move more and regularly perform physical exercise, breathe fresh air, sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, possible to protect yourself from stressful situations, to control the condition.

To complement the skin care products can be cosmetic products for home use. To choose the right cosmetics for your skin type can only be experienced cosmetologist.

Youth is a time when we are full of vitality, beauty and energy. The sooner we realize that one of our aspirations should be directed to the care of the self, the more we will render your body. Health care from an early age is sure to bring its fruit ‒ the skin will stay young, toned, smooth and velvety.

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