Depression and obesity have a cure innovative way

In recent years there is increasing evidence in favor of the effectiveness of light treatment. Light therapy German doctors use to accelerate patient rehabilitation intensive care wards; in Canada light learned to help get rid of excess weight. In addition, methods used to treat those suffering from bulimia, attention deficit disorder; premenstrual syndrome, even in Alzheimer’s disease.

And still the most popular indication for therapy light depression. Scientists from Novosibirsk, conducted research has proven that getting rid of prolonged depression, which now affects many, light.


This year the Central part of Russia was covered with gloomy darkness, bringing the number of depression began to grow. Scientists have established a link between the lack of daylight and the development of the autumn-winter depression. For example, during winter in Moscow the sun is shining only 1.8 hours per day (and summer – 9.3 hours). But this is average. This fall and winter the sun peeks from behind the clouds only rarely.

In addition, often we do not get enough light, we in their own homes and workplaces. The average lighting level in the office — 50-500 Lux, the apartment is 150 Lux, and a Sunny summer day — up to 100 thousand Lux. Hence, sleep problems, depression, fatigue, and even many somatic diseases. It is only in the light of the person’s body produces the hormone of happiness serotonin.

Therefore, the light so effectively treated, primarily, depression, and proved that the researchers of the Novosibirsk research Institute of physiology and fundamental medicine (NIFM). Even in 2015, in the Institute there was a special light room. And here for the whole year in a place equipped with various lighting solutions, investigated the condition of patients with depression who were treated with light. They all said they felt much better after the first session. And when the course was over, people noticed increasing vigor and increasing vitality.

Overall, the study lasted for each patient (a 22) for 10 days, during which wards were satisfied with the therapy sessions. One group of patients held a session in the glasses with pink lenses, do not skip the blue-green part of the spectrum and the other wearing glasses with neutral lenses. Three times each taking part in the experiment were woken at 4 a.m. for the procedure, the treatment light. On other days the patients had to get up at 7 a.m. and for an hour carried out in light room. During therapy you used light of increasing intensity from 600 to 2.8 thousand suites with a certain range. For comparison, familiar to our eyes the sunlight is brighter at some times and more than 10 thousand Lux. During the procedure, you could read a book, do other things.

After completing such a course not only by the participants of the experiment noted that there was fitter and happier doctors recorded a significant decrease in the level of depression. In both groups.

The conclusion of the researchers is that partial sleep deprivation in combination with correctly chosen light has an antidepressant effect from the first day of therapy. “Light the room in which we conducted the study is a unique medical solution that truly helps people to overcome depression. In the short term we are not planning to change the technology of therapy or somehow change the equipment room, – said the doctor of medical Sciences, chief researcher NIIPFM Konstantin Danilenko, In the future, we are going to expand the list of indications for the use of our light room. For example, in addition to depression, will be treated with the help of some forms of infertility and also the use of light treatment in the complex therapy for getting rid of excess weight”.

“According to research, in order to maintain health, one must follow a natural 24-hour mode changing the lighting, a combination of a light-dark”, and change the tone of lighting from daylight to a cozy evening glow is always very important, – said the expert in the field of lighting technology Natalia Severskaya. Today there are lamps that allow you to change lighting modes, which helps to relax or, conversely, to gain vitality. And even change the color temperature in the room: cool day light helps you to focus and see everything in full detail and warm white light gives comfort and helps to achieve a state of relaxation”.

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