Director of Theater of Satire recalled the last release of Mikhail Derzhavin on stage

The satire theatre as a daze. Morning, just started gathering staff, the evening show, but a thought — no more Michal Mikhailovich Derzhavin — adjusts the reality of each. There are people, in which it is impossible to believe, despite the fact that for many years they are sick and not even go on stage. Because charisma is so vital that even the disease is not able to destroy it.

Mamed Agaev.

Director of Theater of Satire Mamed Agaev now abroad. Quickly changed the ticket and crashes. At the airport on the phone he says he is not ready for what happened. Confused.

— Each day before my departure I talked to him on the phone. He had surgery on his leg, felt different, but it was always joking.

— When did you last talk to him?

— Probably number 30. He told me: “Memetic, I won’t let you down, I will play”.

The last time Mikhail Derzhavin appeared on the scene last year, just in time for its 80th anniversary. Theatre, where he served for almost my entire life, nearly half a century (even cannot imagine), was well prepared and did everything to Micah Micah was good. Released book, party — hero of the day was happy.

In General, dissatisfied with his anyone ever seen?

Here is what the head of the troupe Bronislaw Chunikhin:

— Michal Mikhailovich… what do you mean… It’s unique. You know, with him it was impossible to quarrel. He’s probably the only one in the world who had no enemies, envious detractors.

— Why, do you think? It is inevitable for people public. After all, Mikhail was a successful artist.

— Just imagine — it was not. Its all very loved. Probably because never in my life have not heard from him any offensive words. The incredible kindness, gentle, good sense of humor. If someone tried to hurt, he was offended and forgive — it’s a rare quality, especially in the theater, among people of art, where bare nerves and harden the heart.

Three months Mikhail Mikhailovich was in the hospital. Managed to visit him?

— The fact of the matter is that we with his nephew Michael (Michael Vladimirov, the actor of Theatre of satire. — M. R.) was going to him in the hospital for the holidays, but January 1, he called me and said that uncle was drastically bad. And before that every day I talked to Michal Mikhailovich on the phone. And know that the first thing he always said? Asked how I feel. It was he who had such a bouquet of diseases! His leg was operated on — a very strong thrombosis. After the operation, said all right, just dizzy. And added that will be given. I, not only I, nobody was ready for his departure. This is impossible to be ready, there is always hope.

Can’t talk on the phone a longtime partner Derzhavina Natalia Selezneva — crying. On their account — “Tavern “13 chairs”, a few performances. Became an orphan and his long-term friend and partner Alexander Shirvindt. Born in the same hospital im. The grauerman on the Arbat. Went to the “Pike” came in “Lenkom” to Anatoly Efros and him went on a Small Bronnoy. And then — “Satire” for life.

Actor wonderful, happy nature, when it seems that personal quality of life and character in some wonderful way become a profession. He was in the theater and the movie played mostly soft, delicate and incredibly charming people. In his biography there is no one villain, or bad person with bad habits. He joked: “I haven’t slaughtered, no one left, not dishonoured”. What was in life — so on the stage or on the screen.

Bored? Of course, every actor wants a variety of colors on his palette, Mikhail Derzhavin was no exception. However, his uniqueness is that quality which he possessed in full, was so real, one hundred percent that he didn’t have to pretend to break itself. Lucky. By the way, Schastlivtsev there he played in the play “lucky — the only significant innovation” on the play by longtime friend of Grigory Gorin. But not the hero Ostrovsky was Arkashka Schastlivtsev there, and himself — actor-comedian paired with actor-tragedian — Alexander Shirvindt.

How will it be now without him? And the Theatre of satire without Derzhavin? Of course, the show must go on (show goes on) — the performances, the audience… But the memory remains of the great artist, and that live theater, the future generation of artists. Lyrical, light comedian, the white clown will remain in the memory of Mikhail Derzhavin.

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