How to guess at Christmas time 2018: tips folklorist

Winter holidays began in an Orthodox Christmas Eve (January 6) and continues till Epiphany (January 19). Traditionally, this time winter fun: people breathe freely after the strict advent and indulge in fun – almost like on vacation now. Among the most common Christmas activities – divination: a Zhukovsky wrote about girls Hadassah times in the Epiphany night. Is it important in the twenty-first century, and what methods of fortune telling has stood the test of time, “MK” discussed with a specialist.

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Traditionally, the best moments for divination are considered Vasilyev evening (13 January) and Epiphany (January 19) – according to popular belief, these are the days, when evil forces are especially powerful, and they are suitable for attempts to see into the future. Specialist of the Department of Russian folklore Sergey Alpatov has told “MK” that most of the practices of divination had preserved in the Russian province – when dealing with the old, you can find traditions, overlapping in different regions. For example, the test of time passed following the methods of divination:

*Throwing a Shoe through the gate. Divination is suitable for any footwear – boots, shoes or sandals boring. After a throw you need to go outside and see which way to turn the toe of the Shoe store, and from there the groom to wait. For the modern metropolis divination, however, is not the best – not only that the Shoe can carry, and an indication that the groom will come from the Northwest, too abstract.

*Feeding the chicken counting grain. Suitable for those who celebrate the holiday in the village; in the city the chicken to find is already a problem, and there is no indication whether you can replace her with a talking parrot or accidentally flown to the balcony a dove. In a small saucer, you should pour pre-counted number of seeds, and at midnight to release the bird to eat. If you eat whole grains – so it’s a great year (you can wait for marriage). If not, then you should calculate how much kleweno – if the remainder is divisible by two, then hope for a romantic adventure still remains.

*Divination by the shadows of burnt paper – the way in convenient and relevant at any time and in any environment. The point is simple: you need to set laid on a large platter with a sheet of paper pre-extinguished light in the room and the shadows that will cast a fire on the wall, to try to “read” the future. What shadow – and wait.

*Like fortune telling, is also suitable for our time – pour wax (melted candle) in a Cup of cold water. You should get a figure that tells something about the future. Lucky those who will produce something unambiguous – for example, a coin or heart. In order to “read” more cunning shapes will have to stretch the imagination.

*Oblikovanje passers-by is also poorly applicable in the cities, where now almost all afraid of each other. Nothing complicated: the girl at midnight to go outside and ask the first comer man his name, the same shall be called and her spouse (some think again about the age and attractiveness). But now at midnight, especially in the sleeping area, there is a risk that the first counter will not be decorous and send the mother – perhaps not the best omen for the year.

It is also permissible to Yuletide familiar to modern people guessing – on regular cards or Tarot cards is that these days a chance to look into the future is especially high.

As experts note, traditionally the most relevant for divination there are two themes – vintage (with a modern twist just income) and personal life, destiny and marriage. That is why the most ardent Guadalmina always been “girls of marriageable age” — unmarried women, seeking at all costs to find out anything about personal prospects. And sacred significance attached not only “special” divination, but also, for example, overheard sounds. For example, the barking of a dog determined the direction of where to go to get married. If the Church doors will hear a spiritual chant is death, wedding tunes – for an early marriage. A good idea was considered to listen to what the neighbors say – for example, if the hostess would say to someone in the household “Go!” this is a good sign for girls. The word “Sit!” means that this year the girl will not sasvatam. This way it is possible to practice today, especially in old panel houses, where the wall thickness has to, to eavesdrop on neighbors is not only Epiphany, but also any other night.

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