The accusation of plagiarism, Deputy Minister of education Trubnikova laugh scientists

The strange story of the prosecution of the Deputy Minister of education and science of Grigory Trubnikov plagiarism amused Wednesday scientific community. Who and why wanted to discredit a leading Russian physicist is uskoritelya, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, found “MK”.


A strange letter stating that in his doctoral thesis Trubnikov was found facts appropriation of foreign intellectual property, was sent Wednesday to members of a reputable club, “July 1,” from a certain Victor Pinigin G., living in the town of Khandyga and are supposedly relevant to the activists of the Yakut branch of the free network companies Discerned.

The real leaders of the “Discarnate” Andrew Sakin and Evangelista immediately warned the public that the community (including regional actors) did not send the objections to the thesis of Gregory Trubnikov. “We declare that this is not true. We have no activist named Victor Pinigin, one of our activists do not use a specified mailbox”, — said zakin.

However, guided by the postulate that the smoke without fire does not happen, we decided to find out what could have caused such a rude and embarrassing attacks on the Deputy Minister?

— I believe that it is the machinations of the so-called “disordering business”, that is the real plagiatchikov that Mr. Trubnikov crossed the road, recently making to the regulations on awarding scientific degrees of a substantial amendment, — commented Andrey Rostovtsev. — I must say that this law was quite “liquid”, allowing the same facts can be interpreted in different ways. This at the time, used a “mafia” of the HAC by making a number of amendments that unleashes unfair to competitors of scientific degrees. Grigory Vladimirovich sided “Discerneth” by changing the law key points, thus putting barriers in the way of fraudsters in the form of their amendments. In particular, one of them cancels the previous position that in the absence of allegations of copyright infringement, the work can not be considered plagiarism. At the senior high ranks in recent years is has become a tradition to bring to the meeting of the academic Council of the real authors who publicly confirm that they have no claims to the applicant that the work of writing together, etc. Now in black and white is written, that stealing other people’s texts will be considered theft regardless of the opinions of their authors. Another provision modified by the amendments Trubnikov, negate the need for notarization are genuine sources with the statement on illegal borrowing.

Such changes simplify the proof of guilt copycats, a lot. Currently, they are coordinated in the legal Department of the Ministry of education, and the scientific community there is no doubt that they will be adopted.

As for the work itself, about which almost a scandal is the doctoral thesis of Grigoriy Trubnikov 2012 on its main theme — NICK accelerator, built in Dubna. As we know, Grigory Vladimirovich is one of the leading organizers of the project, who stood at its origins. And the fact that his work was the fragments of the works of his students, is quite understandable. According to Rostovtsev, even before Trubnikov wrote collaboration with its employees, in which the description of the accelerator were each responsible for their part of the device. And the fact that some parts still work together with the students were completely in new job Trubnikov, one does not bother. “Of course, decorated casually, — tells it Rostovtsev, put Grigory Vladimirovich in the right places quotation marks would be all perfect, but in 2012, when he wrote the thesis, these subtleties were not given such importance as it is now. So I can safely say that the respected physicist known throughout the international academic community, Grigory Trubnikov — definitely not our client and we have no serious complaints about the his doctoral dissertation”.

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