The details of the arrest of the bandits who attacked the courier: didn’t Rob someone

Only one gunman involved in the robbery at courier in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region,remained at large. January 7, after a successful RAID of security forces, the organizer of the criminal group were caught and soon he was planning to arrest him.

As previously wrote “MK”, employees of the State courier service on 9 September 2016 received valuable cargo at the airport “Domodedovo”. The four men loaded “Ford” bags of letters and parcels and moved on. On 36-th km of highway, near the village Churilkovo car “sovereign’s messengers” were pressed to the side of a minibus “the Sable” and the SUV “Mercedes”. For unknown reasons, the carriers of valuable mail not accepted any measures for the safety of cargo and stopped. The motorcade of pursuers jumped out of four people in masks and camouflage uniforms. Couriers threatening objects, like machines, they sprayed the tear gas, put servicemen at the ground, took packets of secret correspondence, parcels, personal money and four service Makarov pistol. Having finished the dirty deed, the gangsters drove off not a few hundred meters, I threw out a service weapon of the security forces, and themselves began to divide the spoils. But as it turned out, great profits from courier is not there, the bandits had to settle for just the pocket money of the security forces. Three malefactors were detained pretty quickly with the help of mobile phone. After a week they languished in jail, and told investigators details of the crime. According to them, 31-year-old native of Tajikistan Hasanjon gathered them in order to pillage on the road. 27-year-old visitor from Kyrgyzstan Sulaiman, two fellow gang – 29-year-old Halmat and 26-year-old Abdurahman – was to sit in a rented apartment and wait for a visual signal of their leader to do this job. Weapons and cell phones provided as well the leader of the criminal community. According to the robbers, they did not even know that they attacked the couriers.

As told “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Evgeny Kiryushin, thanks to well-planned actions of an investigator SK together with the staff of Hur, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and FSB of Russia managed not only to establish the location of the organizer, but his involvement in the crime. The suspect is detained, in the near future the consequence intends to petition before court about election concerning it a preventive measure in the form of detention. It is likely that he, like his companions, did not even know who is going to clean out.

So now on the loose, there was only one offender, the detention of which is a matter of time. The weapons used by the attackers, and the stolen property is also still looking.

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