The widow of Michael Derzhavin, Roksana Babayan: “the Doctors saved him”

Roksana Babayan, 37, has been married to Mikhail Derzhavin. They met literally in heaven — flew on the same plane: it from tour, she is from the concert. It was an amazing couple Rococco, as he called it, and IIR IIR — it. Of course, now, after the death of her husband, to tell her hard, but she kept.

— About the disease do not want to talk. Heart failed. The doctors did everything they kowtow to all. Michal Mikhailovich, you yourself know how it was unique. Had a natural warmth pechechka such. Never let anyone about anything not asked, not been challenged and was self-sufficient. Not said one thing, thought another, and did the third one in our family is not accepted. White, black or color, and in grey we do not participate.

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— You have lived together for 37 years. It seems to me that it was impossible to quarrel. And in the theatre many of his colleagues think so.

– All real people, all of their emotions. We didn’t fight, we just defined the situation, and then gave up. Argued, only if he forgot to take medication, measure the pressure and came out with Shura on stage with pressure of 200. It was all in the name of his health, and he had it bad. And my brother Yuri Leonidovich he was always treated, and the doctors at the hospital saved him. And then these doctors became his friends: do not become friends with him was simply impossible. And Botkin, Anna center, and the hospital in Odintsovo great doctors, don’t believe that, when talking bad about our doctors — they save.

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