Vera Vasilieva about the death of Michael Derzhavin: “Wife Roxanne reassured us”

Died popularly beloved actor Mikhail Derzhavin. In his long lifetime Mikhail Mikhailovich had the great happiness — he was a native and, in fact, part of the “Golden composition” of the theater of Satire, and in that time, when the satire as a genre was on horseback. Here they are all this horse saddled up — everything from Tusuzov to Menglet, from Mironova to Papanova. No person event.

And none of them are “actor-paint” do not call, they bathed in his nature, played widely. That was Derzhavin — himself Estrada, himself a “lucky — the only significant innovation”: one word, one slight turn in profile — and then flew the bird trio and Gogol, Shchedrin, and anyone, because the time it breathed. Exactly half a century Derzhavin gave mother “Satire” in quotes and without.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Noble Vera Vasilyeva, of course, immediately understands for what reason we bother:

Yeah it’s no bother, “she says,” it’s so important to remember once again about this amazing, bright person…

And so many years you on the same stage…

— Grief is very great. Absolutely unexpected. Although he recently was ill and had been in theatre. But when they came, were always cheerful and very kind, very… calming. Still worried as he feels, and he just nodded — it’s okay, it’s okay. Derzhavin created the atmosphere near yourself when you believe only in good.

— The atmosphere of comfort…

— Sure, because were very positive. Gave joy. Joy talent. The joy of a good soul. The joy was gone from his mind and humor. From his beauty. I addition to the warm feelings, never anything in life it has not experienced. No irritation, no soblyusti…

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Although it would seem that the theater is a theater.

— No, in the rehearsals — sensitive to the partner, the man-charm. Because I have felt the joy of life. This is a huge loss. There is very little. Those who were at the time of creation of the same “Satire” — with its difficulties and adversities, but it Derzhavin always endured with patience and humor. I ain’t even seen him irritated. Or angry. Never in my life. Carrying only a smile, charm.

— And a duet with Shirvindt they had — seemed to complement each other…

I don’t know whether suddenly or not suddenly it happened, but they were incredible on stage, it’s a huge pleasure to see this Duo — their joint talent so many gave the viewer… No, Derzhavin — a charming, more such. And his film and telaroli and “Squash”, and cute image in the movie “Three men in a boat”. And on stage they worked with Shirvindt, but it’s not even just the existence of shared joy with friends… dependable — performed at friends ‘ anniversaries. He was solid — his role was colored by his own kindness and sense of humor. It was all good.

And it took place in “Golden age” of Satire…

— Yes, we had the luxury lineup of artists, many have not. But it’s important that he was not only a brilliant artist, and wonderful in life… here we are, this joy was lost. Even when I was ill, went to the theater and calmed us down — anything, nothing, everything goes on as usual… did not cause excessive self-pity, on the contrary, did not want it. Yes sick, Yes not played for two years, but do not pity! Didn’t want to be a burden.

— What a tremendous life force of the artists of the theater of Satire. Is worthy of imitation.

We loved him very much. Native people. Seldom met already. We asked Roxanne (Babayan – “MK”), his wife, she tried to reassure us when things get worse — take action, and in General is fine… and somehow we were assured that nothing catastrophic is not. But death… that sort of thing. The unexpected always. We were so hoping he’ll live another day. But… this is fate. Our sun.

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