Where are the new trends in Russian management culture?

The outgoing year was, to put it mildly, not the most successful for the current Minister of culture Medinsky…

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

…Assumption and multipliers continue the war with the Ministry of culture, the expert Council of VAK remained in place, “Satyricon” is still included in the list of recipients of state grants, although the Deputy Director theologian by education Alexander Zhuravsky said that revealed numerous violations, which, according to anti-corruption laws may result in the dismissal of the management. However, on 23 November published the decree of the President, increasing the General Fund for grants in the field of culture and art from the current 5.3 to 8 billion rubles in 2018, and a slice of this pie will get exactly the “Satyricon” rude rebel Raikin, so strongly and publicly offended the Minister.

What is it? Indecision or lack of power? But if Akela has missed … in its place the following labeled predators.

Announce please all list

…In 2015, when the seat of Medina was once again postebatsya, the successor to the post of “chief of culture” called Vladimir Tolstoy. Now increasingly heard the name of the Deputy of the state Duma and Chairman of the editorial Board of the newspaper “Culture” Elena Yampolskaya.

Look for potential cultural leaders of the pack. That “punch” and they are lobbying, resolute and uncompromising?

The most important art

…On the support of the Russian cinema are annually allocated about 3 billion rubles, which is spent on such masterpieces as “the Man from the future”, “nightwatch”, “the humpbacked Horse”, “Urfin jus — 2”, “Christmas Tree-6” and “Tree-7”. In addition to the allocation failure and frankly botched film project, the film Foundation distinguished initiative, according to which distributors will be obliged to pay 5 million rubles for each foreign film that they show in Russia. According to Anton Malyshev, increasing the fee by more than thousand times beneficial for the Russian hire, removing “low quality” of Hollywood films. In favor of the above quality Russian, obviously.

We note parenthetically that the staffing kinotakara continues: in the state film Fund may change the management.

Sometimes they come back: the state

Generally in the film there is a paradoxical situation: the financing of film production in the Russian Federation and carries out the Ministry of culture and the cinema Fund. Although responsibility for the product carries the culture of the Russian Federation, and no representative of the Ministry not included in the Foundation movie.

…Money in a poor Russian culture are made at all, and literally out of thin air: Russian essayist, journalist, great-grandson of Leo Tolstoy and presidential adviser on culture Vladimir Tolstoy noticed in the propensity to family values. That can fuck with an old aristocratic manor? Yes, a lot, as it turns out. In 2016, the media found out about the scheme, successfully implemented at the site of the Museum “Yasnaya Polyana”. A few million rubles the administration of the Museum, concurrently, the descendants of the great Russian writer, brought outside of the “field” covered by some budgetary contracts with virtually no competition. The structure, owned by Ilya Tolstoy, the Deputy Pyotr Tolstoy and the Russian President’s adviser on culture, already ex-the Director of the Museum “Yasnaya Polyana” Vladimir Tolstoy, the electronic auction has won several national tenders for the organization of events, booking hotels and provision of catering services, which declared the INSTITUTION “Museum estate Yasnaya Polyana”. Ordered thick, Thick won.

However, this is not enough: the presidential Council for culture descendant of Vladimir announced another suffered the scheme of the cultural development Fund that were not paid for three years. However, the crisis passed, funding can be allocated, and who is here with us to be a curator? Right, Barrymore, relative.

Isn’t this the ancestor of Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoy, called “trickery, fraud wit”?

…So, theatres, cinemas and noble heritage are covered, what do you feed other cultural figures? Circus! The duties of the curator of the circus in 2016 the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation conferred on the Deputy Medina Alexander Zhuravsky, who succeeded another Deputy, Grigory Pirumov, arrested in the case of a multimillion embezzlement of public funds. Zhuravskii multi-faceted personality, candidate of historical Sciences and a candidate of theology, engineer and last head of the editorial Board of political science. Behind him an important figure: Metropolitan Hilarion, vicar of the Patriarch. In addition to circuses and war Raikin Zhuravskii teaching: lectures on “principles of state cultural policy”, which was planned as voluntary, but eventually the students, of course, obliged to attend lectures, write reports and essays and take tests. The list of topics of the course involve, for example, such: “Cultural sovereignty: the priority values of the Russian civilization against the values of other civilizations”; “the Preservation of a single cultural space as a factor of national security and territorial integrity of Russia”. Cultural values and spirituality protected children’s minds okuchit, globalism will not work — no doubt.

Increasingly, there are calls to … the head of the Ministry of culture has evolved into a …function, quietly and efficiently doing their job.

Women’s card

So it is not surprising that amid this constellation of amazing talent on the withdrawal of capital from different fields of culture are increasingly POPs up the name of Elena Yampolskaya, not tainted money scandals. And could it be repeated in case of “unexpected” by the Minister of education? Remember, last year Dmitry Medvedev suddenly said: “On change to Dmitry Livanov, I would suggest to appoint a woman Olga Yurievna Vasilieva”. Who knows, is this becoming a fashion trend — the emergence of a female Sobchak for President and women Yampolskaya, a Minister of culture?

Candidates for the post of chief culture — just feast for the eyes, one by one. And given the irresistible trend towards the deterioration of the situation on all fronts, do not come a time when the current Minister will be remembered … fondly.

The feeling that the wait for cultural interchange is long.

Based on the materials of the electronic periodical Source.ru

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