Academy of terror: St. Petersburg student judge for the rough plan and wild imagination

Freshman of the faculty survey support and mapping of the St. Petersburg Military space Academy named Mozhayskiy Vadim Osipov accused of preparing a terrorist plan to seize the barracks and recruitment of fellow students. On set of charges 19-year-old orphan faces life in prison. The only evidence of “terrorist intent” of the cadet is the rough plan, sketched them in pencil on notebook sheet during the lesson. And his wild imagination.

In a glass box in the hall of the military district court locked the young man with oblique bangs, which could pass for a teenager. Seeing the journalists, Vadim clearly enjoys the attention to his person, smiling and waving. However, it is noticeable and strong emotion: Osipov sometimes arises without a cause, enthusiastically listening to the testimony of the prosecution witnesses, sometimes answers to the judge at random stutters (later a young man said that it is his innate).

Unusual concentration of “people in uniform” at the meeting: normally the courts go relatives and friends of the accused, but Vadim Osipov they are not. His father he never knew, and the mother passed away in 2011. He was raised in the cadet school in Orenburg. After he entered the Academy Mozhaiskogo, but was soon disappointed: he dreamed of serving in intelligence, with all the fire of youth wanted to actively serve the country, not to remain on the staff work, which he had probably been waiting for. “I have a situation that I needed to look for a place where I would be provided. The military is all there, the apartment they give” – briefly he told reporters from behind the glass. He added, “I’m tired”.

It all started with the terrorist attack in metro on April 3: the city raised all the security forces. Vadim Osipov, inspirational training course “anti-terror” in the day issued a “leaf” where it was plotted plan to capture the barracks. The lectures on the history, when the young man was clearly bored. The teacher noticed a flyer and tried to take away, but it did not work immediately. After that, April 4, Osipova was sent to a psychiatrist (as he put it, test, “normal I do or how.” Turned out normal). And already on April 5 in the barracks in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region came major of the FSB Sergei Krut to “have a talk” with Osipov.

Major Cool and the Lieutenant Colonel of FSB Pospelov — the first two witnesses in the case of a cadet who was questioned on Wednesday evening.

The first conversation with a student Osipov major It describes quite dryly:

We talked for a long time, Osipov told me about yourself, about the plans. I was surprised in the first place composure with which he spoke about killing people. In particular, he said that the killing of 11 people is very little that terrorists are “poorly prepared” (the terrorist attack in subway – approx. A. S.) And as coolly he spoke of the murder of their classmates in terms of the capture of the barracks. It was assumed that everything will happen when students will bring to build on the parade ground, where in the morning they sing the national anthem of the Russian Federation. Osipov with accomplice could hack into the Armory, get guns and shoot those on the parade ground.

He had a plan in case he manages to escape: hiding in the village, to chop wood, and after appearing in a public place, dressed, say, an ice cream salesman. Come with a trolley for holiday, dress brightly, and then leave, leaving the truck, Packed with explosives. All these “plans” cadet allegedly was shared with the intelligence services willingly and even what is called “spark”. “Osipov said a long time ago about this (the plan to capture – approx. A. S.) thinks it’s his burden and he needed to speak. The catalyst was the terrorist attack in the subway. I think I became the person that he made,” said Cool with a more personal tone.

Then came the call to the FSB, then in the twilight to the barracks did not return.

– Truth serum gave? – suddenly asked the major judge.

– He was offered water. But I also drank out of this bottle, ordinary mineral water.

According to major, Osipova was also interested in the history of the Pskov teenagers who committed a double suicide in the fall of 2016, and before that, the gunman in the police, and the attack with the massacre at the school “Columbine”. He allegedly even “recruit” classmates to implement their “plans.” Further Osipov himself has told the major that his phone is an extremist book, which describes how to make a bomb improvised. According to the FSB, the cadet knew that such ideas, he faces criminal liability. According to the FSB, speaking with an employee, Vadim knew that the interest shown not just. It confirmed that after the terrorist attack in the subway, the authorities demanded that the security forces daily reporting. And for the case of Osipov “took” on that background. Osipov, though I cringed a bit, but I thought recruiting him to the secret service or something. “I thought maybe I’m smart maybe I want to do something to help, he said in court. – I could not even imagine that all this stuff will be of interest to the FSB professionally. Did not think that because a piece may come to a member of the FSB”.

In the cadet version of the story of the interview and the survey looks a little different. He said that he saw in the office of the barracks on the fourth floor of my trunk, things that the FSB proposed to explore. When Vadim tried to figure out what is the reason, he said that “the issues here sets the FSB and not the student”.

But then he relented, and said that after the attack for two days not sleeping, so so angry, and usually he is kind, says Osipov. – And he said that I was lucky that I sent it. We talked, I told him about my desire to enroll in the exploration for, or landing troops. I said that the plan I drew after the “anti-terror” (course at the Academy, obviously, very interested in Vadim – approx. A. S.). I wanted to show the vulnerable spots in the security system. All those jokes about how to give the foreman up the kettle with explosives, we created almost together with the FSB, I wanted to impress them or something. When major Cool asked me about the plan, at first I was not told particularly, and then he said that for a long time in the security services, have seen all, and I planned to impress him if you tell me that harder. And the book that I showed him on my phone because the way they searched, they never find” – almost with pride says Vadim.

The second conversation, the so-called poll, the FSB is already documented. And Osipov have given to see him to sign. Even gave correct controversies. The student then noticed that I had no idea why this paper needed and that was corrected in the editor on your computer grammatical errors, in particular, the “ll” and “sterile”, not getting a grasp in the content of what he signed.

Major Cool and the Colonel Pospelov agree to the idea that Osipov gave the impression of a man for whom human life, including his own, means nothing. In their opinion, the only worthwhile thing to be famous in life, to do something to be remembered. As Pskov adolescents. “I asked him why not go in for sports? – testifying Colonel Pospelov. – Because he’s a gymnast, he had a second or first class gymnastics”. Speaking of sports according to the lawyer of the orphan Vitaly Cherkasov, Vadim recently began again to exercise in jail to return to his usual good shape.

After the FSB, the court started interrogation of witnesses, the cadets of the Academy. The indignation of the judges was obviously caused by the interests of a young man – acts of terrorism and murder. When one of the students, witnesses said that they discussed things, but mainly the service (not mass murder), the judge looked almost surprised. It seemed that the court finds that the information about terrorist attacks you need to look long and carefully, while the students answered that all these bloody history they were discussing after watching the television news. By the way, if the witnesses from the security services Vadim watched with interest, literally craning her neck, during the testimony of friends at the Academy often sat, throwing his head in his hands, not looking at fellow students. According to him, guys are often told about what actually was not.

– Besides video attacks you on the phone some videos, for example, of an erotic nature? – suddenly asked the judge. A few cadets present witnesses blushed. Did you ever discuss girls, or boys, perhaps you are interested in them, now anything can happen…

– Your honor, the barracks is in the forest, not much girls to discuss, there are only men in the form of…

May it please the court seems to be trying to bring young people to the recognition in the discussion and viewing it “erotic” video, because some funny or cruel videos in the environment of the 19-year-olds seemed suspicious to the judge. One of the students told me that in the barracks allegedly “after questioning by the FSB” Osipov said on this very interrogation confessed to the desire to blow up St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Again, to become famous.

– Your honor, this could not be. After questioning by the FSB I returned to the barracks, and I never saw St. Isaac’s Cathedral – I was in St. Petersburg only in the forest was. – responded Osipov.

To find out, did the cadet “recruit” classmates, their evidence failed. For the most part, the guys got lost and didn’t remember exactly what was said and in what context. The lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov believes that the FSB used against the guy techniques from your Arsenal, and it is a kind of forbidden psychological techniques. Also the defender is trying to restore the court to the idea that any real action on those fantasies and misplaced improvisations in conversation with members of the security services Osipov was not prepared and real attacks to make not intended.

And on Vadim, meanwhile, faced charges under part 1 of article 205.1 (facilitating terrorist activities) in preparation for a terrorist act by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion with the onset of grave consequences and intentional infliction of death person (article 205, part 3, of the criminal code). A preliminary assessment is difficult to give, but 19-the summer cadet-the orphan who was really smart (he found vulnerabilities in the security system in the barracks in the end is partially eliminated) and who has never seen St. Isaac’s Cathedral, living near St. Petersburg, you can put away for a long time.

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