Attack “demon”, “grandma” and “star boy”

Although over the past three years in connection with the aggravation of the situation some overseas stars refused visits to Russia, there are still heroes who hold the position of “flies separately, cutlets separately”. They don’t want to leave his audience in a particular country just because of the whims of the government. 2017 was, in spite of that, fruit on the visits of foreign stars. And “ZD” on the eve of summing up the annual award ZD Awards decided to recall the most vivid show.

Photo: Natalia Rodina

★ The band Aerosmith (it should be noted, occupying one of the first places in the ranking of the highest paid teams in the world) all of a sudden their fans at the end of the last year, have announced a farewell tour “Aero-Vederci Baby!”. It looked funny: the permanent frontman Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry posted on social networks in the fall of 2016 the video, where they report the news in the images of older news anchors, with disheveled hair and rumpled suits. The tour ended on the contrast. Though the bully Steve in recent years, often jokingly called grandma, he looks for his 69 once, and young maidens, which he in good granddaughter, standing in the forefront of Fanconi afford the most daring erotic fantasies. This is evidenced by the enthusiastic posts, and thinking out loud on numerous forums. Some say that the scene needed to go on time. Some artists don’t feel that line, cross it out of stubbornness, out of habit, because I can’t otherwise, while others believe that it is completely individual for everyone — most importantly, that excitement, others leave behind a trail of regret and the question “why..?”. Aerosmith are likely to belong to the latter category. Think of the fire inside still so much that is not enough for a dozen rounds. In General, many people probably would like to see in this story happened, like with the Scorpions, and “farewell” were fictitious.

Photo: press service of the group

★ Kiss, unlike the above-mentioned colleagues from the scene and being a little older, no one said goodbye. I cringed a bit when in an interview with Paul Stanley capital shortly before the concert, the musician said confidently, now is the time when the team is in better shape. It turned out, not a bit cunning. “Star boy” can still afford to go on stage in a short top, showing off his six-pack, and “the Demon” gene Simmons still playfully teases the audience with his long snake tongue, and even if not as a feather, but very cheerfully fly on a suspended rope above the audience. But hits like “I was made for loving you” seem, no one is tired and moving like a red banner, from generation to generation of fans, screaming their concerts, not afraid to lose my voice. By the way, the vocals themselves have idols too, all very good, and they manage to keep a decent form.

photo: Alexey Molchanovsky

★ Depeche Mode, maybe it’s in the energy plan and will not give such a firework of emotions, as it were, for example, in 2013, at the presentation of the previous album, “Delta Machine”, their new album, “Spirit”, which they at this time and arrived in Moscow, is a vivid and uncompromising Manifesto. In lyrics got all: Dave Gahan spared neither politicians nor the “active citizens” or ordinary citizens. According to the main message, the artist believes that the world is going to hell, and all the people that inhabit the planet, completely lost their common sense and sense of awareness. Fortunately, at the last show, the singers still spared the audience and gave her finally to fall into depression, remember the old hits and played their version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

★ Another “dinosaur”, due in Moscow in 2017, was Iggy Pop. Its 6-7 years was not seen in our area, but what is called, “as if he had never left”. Despite the tumultuous past, which was a punk rocker almost killed himself with alcohol and various mind-altering substances, he’s still playful grasshopper jumps around the court and gets the crowd. And for this he don’t need no special effects — just their own charisma, plastic and artistry.

Photo: press-service of the singer

★ An unexpected surprise was the visit of Christa bell, of the Muse of David Lynch, whom he met 10 years ago. And fell in love with her music. Although most know her for her role as FBI agent Tammy Preston in the third season of “twin Peaks”, in fact first of all she is a composer and singer, creating atmospheric compositions on the verge of trip-hop and ballad rock in the vein of nick cave. We were pleasantly surprised that for the concert, she chose a special venue — the old Moscow mansion, all the space which was decorated in the style of the famous series.

photo: Alexey Molchanovsky

★ Icing on the cake — a great show by Elton John. The holiday called “Wonderful Crazy Night” he rolled his right under the New year — a real gift to the loyal fans. The artist is not sparing, gives himself to the audience and it seems he is charging from it by getting a lot of positive emotions, gifts and applause.

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