Details of mass road accident with participation of ex-judge: I went in zigzags, smelled of alcohol

A former judge of the Naro-Fominsky city court of Moscow region Igor Kopylov staged a mass accident on the Kiev highway in the evening of 10 January. As a result, injured one woman and was broken three cars and a minibus.

photo: social networks

As it became known “MK”, the police according to eyewitnesses managed to reconstruct the accident. 57-year-old Igor Kopylov (he’s an ex-civil judge) at the wheel of the car “Volvo” have made strange maneuvers that led to the accident.

Kopylov had to go to Moscow, and for this to turn at the next traffic light. However, the motorist did not do, and went to the capital on the side of the road leading to the area (so it moved about 200 meters). And in the area of 65 kilometers, he suddenly pulled into the oncoming road (two lanes) and tried to cross the strip — apparently to go to the track direction. Motorists, on seeing an obstacle on the road, began to slow down, trying to leave from collision. One car even ended up in a ditch. Crashed four cars and only a miracle no one was killed as cars raced with a decent speed.

One of the participants of the accident was 45-year-old Julia has hurt a thorax, but medical aid refused, stating that he would be treated at home.

As for the culprit, he was taken to the medical examination: in the car “Volvo” smelled of alcohol.

As explained in Naro-Fominsk city court, Igor Kopylov resigned 24 November 2017.

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