Fly to Mars without risk appeared only once

Even if the flight of astronaut on Mars and his return will be selected auspicious time, during the trip he will receive more than half maximum allowed for his entire career dose of radiation. Thus, the second time to go into such a flight would be for the conqueror of the red planet is too risky. This was stated by Russian and Bulgarian specialists working in the framework of the project “Eczemas”.


After studying the data obtained orbital probe mission ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and the instruments on Board the Rover Curiosity and the dosimetry module “Liulin-MO” installed on Board of Russian-European probe TGO, experts came to the conclusion that the amount of cosmic radiation, which might get people during the flight to Mars, depends on how high during this period solar activity. However, even under the most favorable conditions and in the case that the path to the Red planet will take six months and back — the same crew of the spacecraft will receive approximately 60 percent of the radiation dose maximum for the entire career of a cosmonaut or astronaut.

The study was published in the journal Icarus.

Cosmic radiation is often referred to as the main reason why travel to other planets is considerable risk. Even the astronauts who flew located near the Earth, compared to Mars, the moon, and subsequently recorded higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Living creatures on Earth and even astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the International space station from cosmic rays protects our planet’s magnetic field, but far away from her, the radiation from the Sun and from outer space nothing holding us back. Many experts believe that before this problem will be solved, talking about interplanetary flights is simply premature.

Among other problems that could also face the conquerors of Mars, often called the excessively long absence of gravity, and the fact that long-term space flight affects the immune system, making the threat even harmless in terrestrial conditions the microorganisms if they are on Board.

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