In the Kemerovo region found Sebastiana

An undiscovered species of dinosaur was found near the village of Shestakovo in Kemerovo region. The animal lived on the Earth 120 million years ago.

Fortune smiled on the group of scientists from St. Petersburg and Tomsk state universities. Found the remains, or rather, their anatomical features cannot be attributed to any other genus of dinosaurs.

In the end, the dinosaur, which was referred to the group of sauropods, called Sibirotitan astrosacralis. The sauropods lived on all continents around 200-85 million years ago and had a gigantic size — more than 11 meters in height and length and weighing up to 35 tons. Instance weighed only 10 tons. Like all sauropods, it fed on plants and almost never attacked due to its intimidating size.

As commented in TSU, the animal was the second sauropod, received in Russia the scientific name. Part teeth, part of the scapula and the cervical vertebrae, the sacrum, were found on the banks of the river Kyi, delivered to Tomsk state University. A characteristic feature of the new genus is the presence of five sacral vertebrae, sacral ribs, oriented radially (star-shaped), and a special crest on neural arch of a vertebra tuloviŝnaâ. Ancient dinosaurs with the structure of the skeleton has never been found.

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