Jackets and blankets will forbid to throw it in the dustbin — resolution of the government

Old blankets, jackets and outerwear will disappear from landfills in the near future. This decision was made by the Ministry of environment. The office was established the list of goods that cannot be disposed of in landfills, — the document has already been approved by the Government.

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The list includes household items, clothing, electronics and appliances, which after the end of the service life must be disposed of. Thus, the secondary processing will go out of fashion trench coats, jackets, anoraks (lightweight outerwear without zippers), sweaters, and jackets, blouses and t-shirts. VariCam and ski costumes, as decided by the officials, too, have no place in a landfill. In addition, homeless people who are permanent occupants of the polygons will not be able to profit on their swimwear, sports sweatshirts and overalls. Also under the ban were trying to throw in the trash barrel of beer, a wooden box and balcony door. Moreover, second life needs to get even little things like greeting cards, post cards, stationery registration journals and school notebooks. Another solid number of items section — plastic. Here landed and household gloves, and bottles of soda, and even plastic tubs and toilets. All of these household items will be carefully sorted and sent for recycling due to too long period of decomposition. Finally, to get the polygons will not be broken computers, ATMs, keyboard, and computer mouse. Outdated scanners and printers and their owners will have to take to be recycled.

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