Russia will pay 4 million euros for 3 years of illegal detention

A resident of Tatarstan Alexander Strukov ECHR will have to be 4 thousand euros for 3 years in jail without legal grounds, the human rights organization “Area law” with reference to the lawyer Irina Khrunov, representing the interests of men in the ECHR.


The European court delivered its verdict on the basis of the fifth article of the Convention on human rights protects the right to liberty and security of person.

Stryukov was in jail in may 2007, he was suspected of tax evasion, later, the prosecution added an article about the organization of criminal community.

In the end, over the next three years, the courts of the Republic of Tatarstan 18 times extended the term of detention in jail. According to Hrenovoe, the decision was of a formal nature and “did not differ from each other, they did not state any particular circumstances of the case, and only the General phrase”.

In addition, adds the lawyer, the courts have referred to the “complexity of the criminal case”, although the reason for prolongation of arrest the law and is not provided.

As a result, in 2010 the Supreme court of Tatarstan measure Strycova was changed to bail and later the case was fully dismissed.

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