Sick Pugachev was freezing on the roof: Yuri Aksyuta about the price of success

The first channel celebrates first victory in the new year. The task is to capture the youth audience in the new year’s eve, according to published ratings and research, done. To the goal sought. The very television show out of Studio space at natural open spaces of the updated Moscow, which became the subject of a separate pride of creators — not so much because of the beauty, but because of the effort spent on the perpetuation of this beauty and the result achieved. However, to avoid scandals still failed.


Tree on Christmas the filming of the First channel.

The scandal came from an unexpected quarter — not from disgruntled viewers, loud grunts which last year and made the First channel to act in this time with their own “response to Chamberlain” in the form of “updated” concept, and some pop stars who fell victim to the popular vote. To sum up new year’s eve and debriefing, which was full of media and network space during the holidays, “soundtrack” asked the chief producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta, because the source is always more valuable than any of the most reliable leaks and refined assumptions.

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— A generation change, changing music tastes, anticipating the dive into the nuances, thought Mr. Aksyuta and moved quickly to the point: — In my opinion, last year’s claim (for First channel) was not entirely fair and honest, because we are before, making “new year’s eve”, trying to take into account the interests including the youth audience. Last year was the group “Leningrad”, for example, with two songs, Yulianna Karaulova, Egor Krid, Polina Gagarina, etc. this year we went on to really end up to dispel all doubts of skeptics, decided to conduct a social survey of taste and musical preferences of the people using the social networks “Classmates” and ask them to vote for their favorite artists.

Yuri Aksyuta.

And critics immediately assumed a no less sceptical grimaces, trying to figure out what century these people were classmates… Why I was chosen for such a resource?

— “Classmates” probably the most representative social network in which, as among the spectators of the First channel, the most widely represented all strata of the Russian population. We are also an important is not an abstract truth, which is infinitely closer and ever closer, and quite practical and reasoned decisions. Here we conducted a poll and decided that 30 of the vote automatically, we invite you to new year’s eve broadcast.

— And then, as far as I know, zabuntoval not the viewers, and some popular artists…

Yes, some artists with a grudge told me, and you same my name in the list did not! But we have not made any prior lists, here’s the thing. That was the idea, last year we were criticized for what we say, not those not so taken. The shortlist for the vote was made on the basis of the musical preferences of the audience OK. Users mentioned in this short list of those whom they personally like more. For example, they love the singer Glory, and who gets into the top 30 leaders. Or, for example, Yuri Shatunov, who also got there.

— All retroactively under the “White rose” people still pounding in a terrible hysterics, among other things. But again the dilemma — fashion music or “the best, favourite, only for you”? How do you solve to please everyone?

— Clear answer on this from anyone yet, even if someone says so. In our case, as the rooms in the new year program in the end was supposed to prepare, of course, more than thirty, we decided to do a mix of those artists who occupied the first 30 places, and from other, equally worthy, which, we believe, must be festive music in the air, because it’s new year’s eve for the whole country, and not one for the dance floor at the trendy youth club. These artists have come up with special room — same Valery Meladze, Iosif Kobzon, or took their most popular songs. And they created a wonderful Christmas mood, gave the audience some good music. As shown by further research, these offer the viewer something that is not switched, but rather stuck to our airwaves. At the same time, studies have shown that we rejuvenated our audience through popular topical material that has solved that problem in front of him and put. Many of the songs that were heard in the New year, now most frequently rotated on popular music radio stations. But youth is youth music or not — a rhetorical question, since the concept of “youth” is also very evasive. We won the new year’s eve not only among Russian viewers to 60 years! Not only in the category “14-59”, which is very important for us as it’s target audience of the First channel! But in all narrower or more youth audience segments. That doesn’t mean we don’t love or neglect an older audience, God forbid. But for the young to work harder — they now have too many alternative television entertainment. Moreover, in the New year watching TV all — regardless of age. This person is not necessarily staring at the screen, the TV is running in the background. The only question is, what channel it is on.

— I somehow do think that all the excitement from the Christmas broadcasts some far-fetched, and all the scandals roll just lonely losers who in the New year and do nothing but to stare into the box. What difference does it make what and how they show?! It’s not a competition, not a festival, not Eurovision, even without the action, where it’s really important to watch, to observe, to appreciate the music… Not the same fate years be resolved when all around are drinking and eating Olivier?

I remember that in some other countries, Christmas entertainment, would become the subject of such heated national debates. But we have this tradition. It goes from the past, from the times of the USSR. Artists, especially the older generation, accustomed all his professional life required to participate in the Christmas programs. For them then it really was a status point in his career, the fact that people’s recognition is testimony to the fact that they occupy a place of honor in the hierarchy of the official platform, etc. This was a result of creative activities for the year and meant that they are not only popular, but also admitted that it was important that they afloat and demanded by the audience. And since then, all pay tribute to this tradition.

Brothers kristovskie (Uma2rman) with colleagues created a home-like atmosphere.

— A purely Russian ritual clowning with the post-Soviet flavor? Type is meaningless, but the Bolshevik brightest stars on the Royal towers of the Kremlin, surrounded by Orthodox crosses, right?

— Just a desire to be in the air for the New year as a well-established and even iconic tradition. In the New year a number of musical programs on all channels increases dramatically. And the audience actually a huge selection. See what you want in accordance with their desires, feelings, moods: fashion videos, alternative artists to retropectively…

— As a result of all the hoopla happened last year, that in the end all the same was, plus or minus some seasonal inclusions. Actually, as always…

And the Martians we have. The musical landscape of the country — that is what it is. This year we were invited to the new year’s broadcast of the winners of the popular vote, but the people again chose not from Martians, but from current artists. So we are in New year updated number of performers and repertoire, redefined the relationship between, say, age artists and youth. In addition, we offered the viewer a completely different image.

— I really was blinded, so is the picture, straight agitation of the tourism Department’s “Welcome to Moscow”! The poor actors really were freezing on the streets or ottarabanil on the green screen in the Studio, according to “debunkers”?

— No chroma key, of course, was not and could not be. It was all real. This, incidentally, was evident. This year the idea of Konstantin Ernst was to make almost all Christmas shooting outdoors. And we geproduceerd Alexander Five found and involved literally dozens of locations, the iconic Red square and Manezhnaya square, the Bolshoi theatre and TSUM Department store, exhibition center and Gorky Park, Zaryadye, the Museon, the Patriarchal bridge, and others. In fact, it was a fantastically difficult task to quite a limited time and added more weather conditions, because of snow in Moscow, except for one or two days did not exist.

— And so would have frozen all…

— Our artists heroically kept. All lit up with the idea, because I understand how unique you can make the shot: totally different atmosphere, mood and space. No tantrums, everyone was fascinated by the work and happy with the result. It’s even evident in the expression on the faces in the frame. The more that they worked with filmmakers of the highest class, which is well know on the concert filming and working on your own videos: this is a TV Director Roman Butovsky, Director Andrei Sychev, Alexey Golubev, Alexander Grishaev, with his wife Nina, Ilya Glazunov, Felix Mikhailov. In the end, we shot in locations of Moscow 64 musical numbers!

— Honestly, I was still hoping that at least Alla Pugacheva you’ve been spared and was shot in a Studio…

— No, it was the roof of the hotel, there was particularly windy and cold, Alla had a cold, but bravely bore it all. And she participated in the construction and installation of almost every frame. For which I’m insanely grateful to her. I think she was very pleased with the result, it was really exclusive work with the song “I fly”, was actually a video.

— And you men, you beasts. And if prickly winter the wind blew from the roof of our nordosten?

— There were high barriers… But in this situation, everything, including Alla, came from the fact that the main process and the result. This is a real professional approach from her side.

— No one became ill as a result of your creativity, not in the hospital?

All healthy, thank God.

— As sensible people you probably knew that, no matter what the polls overtures to critics, innovations, locations, Pugachev on the roof, a chorus of discontent “all these suck” anyway also will perform its traditional new year’s song? Regardless of the outcome, I’d venture…

— Of course. We are already in the beginning of the conversation touched on a little bit. Grumble that: he does not like this not like that. Q: whom do they want to see or what to hear? The answer is no. Let’s have a gastronomic parallel: Christmas buffet does not consist of one dish, even though it is black caviar. So musical Christmas table is a mosaic, a kaleidoscope! The variety of tastes, trends, traditions, innovations, temperaments, artistic charisma. But a very important right and competent balance, so, relatively speaking, Kobzon has not opposed the Creed, or the Duo of Artik and Asti. And we also paid attention to. In our project, at the moment, there were five different Directors, each with their own creative style, the author’s style, their own understanding of how everything should look on the screen. All this deserves, in my opinion, more solid and objective analysis and not just kicking the level of “bad”.

— You remembered about the Soviet roots of Christmas television tradition. Does it not seem that the appeal to such past and motivates the supporters of the “theory of sediment”? And it does not matter — is there a balance of tastes and trends, a good song or bad… is There any way out of this circle around past traditions and do I need it?

— I think the phrase “sucks” is characteristic of people who are not released from a state of youthful maximalism. They can be of different ages. But this is mainly young people, who are 14-18 years of life experience, and suck they considered everything that goes beyond what was familiar and understandable. That is “sucks” for them — it is not mine. It is important that they had the opportunity to watch, not to listen to what is not love, but to watch and listen to what you love, want, what they demand. Earlier such possibility was really a big problem. Now, fortunately, no such problem. If you work with modern music, it is necessary to at least understand and like or dislike — it is not a professional category. When I worked in radio, we in the editorial was hanging a very good slogan: “Like the song — listen at home.” It was the principle. The focus should be on the audience, and that makes the whole modern show business. And not only domestic.

— In General, do you happy and satisfied New year, which made the audience?

— Judging by the ratings and comments, pleased not only we, but also the audience. It was a fantastic experiment. This New year, we’ve never done before. I speak as someone who does this for many years.

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