The brutal murder of a young skier in Nizhnekamsk: new details

New details emerged in the case of 29-year-old Gulshat Kotenkova, whose body with 11 stab wounds was found near the ski base “Almas”, where she came to rest with her husband and child. It turned out that the dead skier was seen on the track about 20 minutes before the unknown took her to the old water tower.

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At the training base “Almas”, located next to Nizhnekamsk (Republic of Tatarstan), Gulshat arrived with her husband and six-month-old daughter on Tuesday, January 9, writes KazanFirst. Closer to the 14 hours she went out on the track alone. After three hours of absence, the husband raised the alarm and informed the police about the disappearance of his wife.

Law enforcement officers went to search about five o’clock in the evening. By that time it was already dark. As to quickly search a huge forest without the help of volunteers it was impossible to search joined the volunteer rescue squad “Track”, and about 200 concerned citizens.

The body 29-the summer inhabitant of Nizhnekamsk were found closer to two o’clock in the morning: the corpse was lying next to the old water tower, this place was far from the trails. On the body Gulshat police counted 11 stab wounds in the head and neck.

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“The circle that she chose was just two kilometers away, lit a small number. Literally on the way back, nearly reaching to base, all happened”, explains the head of the base Evgeny Shebolkin.

It turned out that the forest actually belongs to the “Almasy” – the territory are public, so the criminal could get into the Park from anywhere. Usually a day here walking a lot of people. “Saw it on this track literally in this period of time, plus or minus 20 minutes,” says Shebolkin.

Already Wednesday afternoon there was an identikit of the alleged offender, is composed of the descriptions of one of the employees of the ski base. In addition, in the process of seeking volunteers noticed a suspicious man, sneaks through the snow without a lamp. He claimed that looking for some girl. Now militiamen find out, he tried to hide anything at the crime scene or really wanted to help in search of a skier.

The funeral of the murdered. Photo: social networks

Gulshat Kotenkova buried today, January 11, in Nizhnekamsk. The farewell took place near the Central mosque. The fact of the death of the woman criminal case under article “Murder”.


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