The murder of a family in Russia: the parasite dealt with the benefactor and his parents

Horrible murder of a family of three in suburban Yegoryevsk revealed hot on the heels of the local police. The first man brutally murdered with his friend and then stabbed his parents.

The Suspect Timur.

Body spouses of retirees and their 42-year-old son, a nurse at the local hospital, found 10 Jan. The first concern raised head of the hospital when the missing employee. At work, he was characterized by only positive, and never skipped a shift. Last time the nurse went to work on 6 January. After duty Andrew (all names have been changed — ed. Ed.) seen in the Church at a Christmas service where he is, as usual, sang in the choir. It was supposed to come out January 9, but the hospital has not appeared. Colleagues the nurse went to Andrew, but nobody opened, parents are not contacted.

Colleagues tried to find a friend of the nurse, 37-year-old Timur (men tied a close relationship, they even lived together), but again to no avail. By the way, coincidentally, Timur was recorded on admission to the hospital it is on 9th January (he complained of epileptic seizures), but failed to do so. This all seemed suspicious of the Manager and she called the police. Penetrated into the apartment of Andrew and his parents, police found all three dead. They died of stab wounds; in addition, all three crashed through the head with a hammer.

Pretty quickly, the guards found and Timur — he got drunk, slept in the apartment of friends. Sensible readings from it have not yet achieved, but the man remains the Prime suspect.

According to relatives of Timur, no one in my family communicated with him in over ten years. In 2003, the man left his wife with a young daughter, and then turned on each other, and with other relatives because of a bad addiction to alcohol and drugs. The only salvation for Timur was Andrew, with whom he was acquainted aunt. Nurse sheltered entangled in the life of a comrade. However, the use of his patronage was silent. Timur was deprived of parental rights and sentenced for failure to pay the alimony to hard labor by the operator on the Assembly line for the production of gaskets. But the job, the man soon stopped walking.

The main version of the investigation is murder and robbery. Shortly before the incident, Andrew’s family sold the apartment. Timur found out, decided to steal large amounts. First, he dealt with his benefactor, then took the keys from the parent to the apartment, went there and killed pensioners. However, according to some nurse had already sold the proceeds from the sale of the apartment late brother’s money made a payment on the mortgage for new housing. Hardly Timur didn’t know about it.

As reported “MK” the press service of the Main investigation Department of the TFR in the Moscow region on the given fact criminal case under article “murder of two or more persons.”

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