The “real” prospects: what will happen to basketball “Khimki” after the fine

January 12 at “Arena Mytischi” Russian basketball “Khimki” will face a formidable real Madrid in the regular season of the Euroleague. Group stage still strode across the equator: this is the 17th round, still to play and play. Another thing, in Spain in the first round our team won. Now, of course, will not be easy: the contender on the rise, striving. But on our side — home support. 7 th arena Moscow club by tradition, the full house is expected.

photo: press-service of BC “Khimki”

Year in the Euroleague started for the players of Khimki successfully: a win at the German “Bamberg” allowed the team to gain a foothold in the top eight, the zone of the playoffs, the main club competition of the continent. Our examiner today will be known in the recent past the player Nikita Morgunov, the champion of Europe 2007 in the Russian team. By the way, in the season 2007/08 our interlocutor played for “Khimki”, winning with the club the Cup of Russia, and “silver” of the championship.

– Nikita, the current table of Euroleague reflects the real situation in Russian basketball at the club level?

Is that the work of the Russian clubs done good — fact. As for the club “Khimki”, the team composition, for courage, for the organization of basketball deserves to be in the leading group of the regular season of the Euroleague. The idea is not a very big difference, what means do you get to the top of the table. But our children need the following. To find this the most delicate moment between defence and attack… the Problem with many clubs competing for the top. At the army because of a similar situation. A good level, then physiological dimple happened like a year ago, with the difference that the decline has moved. But there are specialists who will cover what and how.

– How would you rate the range of contenders for the Final four?

– The leading group shows the format of the tournament in our time, gives no ground for detailed Analytics ahead of time. If the team shows stability, she had already honed to win. And the subsequent playoffs are always a lottery. There are these factors that even set of players is sometimes not able to help out. Top basketball players need to maintain in formation the entire season. Now watch the original “unprepossessing” team! Someone with a change of coach has gone up, someone increased! And she starts to type a course, as Barcelona. And initially the bottom of the table. AC Milan not favourites, but it is absolutely difficult this season. Nerves are likely frayed.

– And now we are most interested in real Madrid. As usual, 20.00. Mytischi. As part of the titles not as “killer” as his football brother, but still…

– The Spaniards became in the course of round Robin tournament to show good basketball. Of course, the fans of real Madrid unsettling. Many of the leaders got injured. There were obvious failures. If all they have now is fine — we will see a formidable opponent, seriously counting on a rematch.

– And leading the group for today, both of our club, thank God, are something okay?

From the first call Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, CSKA. Still, I walked around the table and warned of “Zalgiris”. As Sarunas yasikyavichus works! When the opportunity came to take command, and at the start — the result is visible. “Henkok” again, the prospects are good too.

– A few days before the upcoming match with real Madrid General Director of “Khimki” Pavel Astakhov said about the penalty for the whole team at 50 percent of salary. Well, certainly unprecedented in the history of Russian sports! General meeting after defeat from “Kalev” in the classroom — it was logical, but something about him told and even shown, says about the openness of the club cuisine.

You’re right, the command in this case made himself known. But neither I nor you have the right to advise. The best, so let’s just do it. And then the decisive game show. And penalties will work if not individual devotion, the emotions exactly. And how effective, will show time. I like the player went through something similar, I can say that the effect “sticks” and “carrots” are not always all the same. But if you really decided — take a look!

– Wait. But what is missing still?

The balance between defence and attack is impossible to find sometimes even for the season. One is not the same, the second “falls”. Other players, all of them upscale, behave differently. I wish the coach of the yellow-blue Georgios bartzokas to adapt to the pattern. His track record is very rich. But in the guys themselves on the floor I believe.

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