11-year-old suburban victim of a pedophile told how she was lured into the apartment

The photo of a naked 11-year-old resident of the Moscow region, spread of social networks, has caused quite a stir among the locals that helped bring clean water to 20-year-old pedophile, who organized in his apartment stash.

photo: pixabay.com

As it became known “MK”, first raised the alarm the school management. Her students began to share among themselves, and then show the teachers, the style of “Nude”, which was a picture of the student of 5th class. When the news that a young schoolgirl posing for someone Nude, I reached the Director, he summoned to his Cabinet the grandmother of “rising star”. By the way, the girl’s parents do not educate her about the baby’s father is not known, and the mother is currently serving time for drug trafficking. For older women the news about the candid photos came as a complete surprise, and to clarify the situation, teachers and the grandmother gave the girl cross-examination. Under pressure from adults, the student admitted that during the summer holidays I met with an adult guy. He invited her to his home in a Studio apartment, where I listened to music and drank beer unfamiliar to boys and girls of adolescent age. Then the young man asked her to meet me and invited to his apartment for the second time. When she came to visit him, foreign was no longer there. The guy told her to undress and lie down on the sofa. She dutifully obeyed. Raping a child, you pervert let go of the silly home and subsequently two more times invited her to an intimate encounter. The girl did not resist and willingly visited by her Beau, until suddenly he disappeared from her sight. The victim of the rapist would have never thought about your summer adventure, if not scandalous photo anonymously posted in the social network 20-year-old bastard. The police arrested the pedophile, charging him charged with statutory rape. And she began to see a therapist, however, is in conversations with a specialist, she expresses regret that she had to get such an early sexual experience. Apparently, she still doesn’t find his behavior anything unnatural.

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