Alexander Nevzorov: stewardesses is the term “glamorous trash”

The network does not cease discussing the incident on Board involving Arshavina Alice, wife of famous football player. Have left no comments this blatant case of well-known journalist Alexander Nevzorov. In the “Nestorovska environment,” he called, like Arshavin “glamorous trash”.


Recall that on Christmas eve, Alice Arshavin flew from Moscow to Almaty with children and nanny to her husband. But to reach failed: passenger removed from flight for being disruptive. In addition, as the aircraft was preparing to take off, the woman ignored repeated requests from the crew to take his seat and buckle up. She continued to change the baby’s diaper. And one of her children running around the salon. Also breaking the rules of transportation, Arshavin tried to transplant a nanny from the salon of economy class in business class, understandably, was impossible, as the ticket she had bought in the economy. After repeated unsuccessful attempts by the crew to get the passenger to comply with requirements and written orders of the commander, footballer’s wife was removed from the flight.

The degree of scandal escalated: phone Alice Arshavina the stewardess began receiving angry SMS: “Wait for a court summons. For cruelty to a child. You will face 2 to 4 years of imprisonment”. The report stated that he was sent by his Investigative Committee. Later the glamorous diva commented that it was not she sent SMS, and operations officer, and “you never know what will write the operations officer of the FSB in Christmas.” When calling this number revealed that it belongs to Arshavina.

In the Center of public relations (TSOs), the security services, said that the wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin Alice never worked in FSB of Russia.

The very culprit of the incident said that the reason why she was expelled from the aircraft was an unpleasant smell from the child when he changed a diaper.

The child managed it. When there was a signal to fasten your seat belts I didn’t listen. I said I’ll finish you up and dressed, explained Arshavin. According to the woman, the stewardess persisted in an authoritative tone told her to put the child in the chair.

In a press-service “Aeroflot” has told that in the plane’s bathroom has a changing table, change baby’s diaper Arshavin could later. Why did she need to do exactly to the moment when it was announced that the taxiing of the aircraft?

Alexander Nevzorov in the “Nestorovska environment” also commented on the behavior of Arshavina. The journalist said that he was surprised to learn that “flight attendants “Aeroflot” there is even a term “GB”. They shake when I see coming on Board this fool with inflatable lips”.

It means “glamorous trash,” – said Nevzorov. – That’s flight attendants are afraid of these overdressed girls, as a rule, someone’s wives, because when they see this, they understand that now in any case there’s a problem, because acting these girls are usually terrible.

According to Alexander Nevzorov, it is not the wife of Arshavin. It is, in fact, not bad, it just is under the influence of the environment in which she lives.

Since I fly all the time and know girls like stewardesses, I with great confidence can say that they had no “iron” do not show – said Nevzorov. – They are always the last to find a compromise.

Well-known journalist stood up for flight attendants, noting that now many want to blame in this situation, it is them, they allegedly provoked the conflict.

And often sounding remark that there is no smoke without fire, it is nonsense, put their arguments Alexander Nevzorov. – Actually, as any folk wisdom, this statement is absolute nonsense, because only losers about chemistry can produce such a statement. Smoke without fire is not generally a problem. Carbonatic take your calcium, take some ammonia and hydrochloric acid from the darkness…

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