Axe instead of a knife: the story of the severed hands was repeated in the suburbs

Correctly say: misfortunes walk in pairs. We don’t know have you heard of any police officer (now former) Sergei Gusyatnikov about the tragedy in Serpukhov. But a hell he created as if by a jealous husband recipes Margarita Gracheva. Just went even further. Senior Lieutenant after a long showdown with his wife 28 times, stabbed her and slit her throat. All this happened in front of the 7-year-old son.


Sergei and Alena familiar with 2010, and up until last summer lived in one soul. Alena worked as a master-receiver car plus some time ago opened a cosmetic salon. She was sugaring — depilation of the skin with powdered sugar. Sergei served in the special forces of the interior Ministry to combat drug smuggling.

In 2015, the family celebrated housewarming “kopeck piece” in Solnechnogorsk district, they bought on credit for 15 years. Growing up the son. The couple dreamed of a second child, suddenly in the middle of 2017 between them ran a black cat.

No, Alena is not a new man. It happens — first, people love each other, and then stops, later explained to police mother killed Anna. The daughter asked for a divorce, Sergei flatly refused.

Family relationships became strained. So that summer Sergey attacked his wife with a knife. It was at the cottage in the Tver region. The man thought the wife cheated on him with his godson — he just returned from the army.

A police officer dressed in the things of the deceased father and took his wife to the forest, where he put a knife to her throat. Alena pulled away, but the man managed to cut her knee.

This damage Alyona recorded in the fracture clinic of hospital of Zelenograd, has applied to the district. The woman asked the guard to talk to Sergei, so he left her alone and divorced. Alena didn’t want to do something about it, as worried about the career of Sergey — so had 1.5 years to retirement. In addition, the Lieutenant lay at his feet, begging forgiveness. Apparently, the conversation did not give the desired results.

On New year’s Alena wanted to go to the village with her son but without her husband. Sergei complained to his mother in law, they say, why this wife wants to celebrate New year without him. Anna explained that in the country there will be relatives, so worrying is not worth it. The man in the hearts shouted: “You don’t understand me!” and hung up.


The end came very quickly.

Alena went to work on the 4th of January — actually, the woman plowed, that is, from dawn to dusk. Only at ten o’clock she returned home. Called my mom, complained of feeling unwell said a cold, drink tea with lemon. Chatted for a long time, then Alain went to sleep.

As police established that the murder occurred around 5.00, when Sergei was going to the service.

Young people first, loudly cursing. The investigators calculated – Sergei hit his wife with a knife 28 times, slit her throat. Then went to work. The boy woke up and 4 hours (!) held near the dead mother, not realizing what had happened, but around 9: 00 called my father and said, “mom is full cut”.

By this time the policeman managed to get rid of the evidence thrown in the river knife, burned the clothes. After a call to his son, he scored 112 and went home in a service car.

Operative first portrayed a complete lack of understanding, but after the first interrogation confessed to the crime. A criminal case under article “Murder”.

Continuing the theme: “Othello” in uniform, a suspect in the murder of his wife, dismissed from bodies

According to Anna, the grandmother from the father took the son of Alena and now not give to see. The boy stutters, he clearly needs psychological help. Anna is scheduled to fight for the grandson wants to get custody of the child. The boy doesn’t know that mom’s no longer alive.

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