“FSB major” Arshavin: published screenshots of controversial correspondence with a model

A fashion model from Kazakhstan Olga Semenova gave us screenshots and text-messaging, which, according to the girl, was her Alice Arshavin, wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin. The interviewee directly represented by an “FSB”.

Photo: vk.comOlga Gagauzia. Olga Semenova

It all started with a harmless video that appeared online on the same day when the player’s wife Alice Arshavin disgraced in the plane. In the video, Andrey Arshavin hugging the Busty blonde.

Then the main character of the movie, fashion model Olga Semenova has declared that in its address from the side of Alice began to receive serious threats because she “touched” someone else’s husband. In an interview with “MK” the girl told in detail what Arshavin was presented by the employee of FSB, threatened to cut off her fingers and to throw drugs. (Read the story “Revelation centerfolds about Arshavin with his wife: “My God has saved”).

Alice Arshavin did not reply. And refuted the version of the model in an interview with RT.

According to the wife of the footballer, the model wanted to be famous “for others and earn”, hunting for rich men. The question – you threatened Semenova to throw drugs and to cut off fingers? – footballer’s wife said: “I did not react to her words.”

Then Arshavin has denied that FSB officers: it is, says footballer’s wife, Olga picked up from the story with the airline”. Alice is told that Olga herself has published this video, and before that allegedly blackmailed Arshavin, threaten to transfer the film in the Kazakh media, if you do not receive a reward. And in the end the woman said that is not worried for the girls who sit in the club next to Andrey Arshavin.

Itself Olga Semenova for a long time didn’t uploaded screenshots of SMS-correspondence with Arshavina. Was hoping that to be the sane one, sorry. After Alice gave his version of what happened, Olga decided to publish the correspondence in the “MK”.

@Olga Semenova

– Olga, how can you comment on the words of Alice Arshavina that video you posted yourself, the FSB officer she didn’t and anyway she doesn’t care who sits next to her husband?

– Let’s order. I am very grateful to Alice for her creative imagination and want to congratulate her with a possible new criminal charges against you. For such a significant event I’m willing to share screenshots of where the alleged FSB major Alice is an employee of the FSB, who knows all my personal information.

From the correspondence between Arshavina and Semenova. Arshavin: “Why grabbed it and shot it. Write to him now if you don’t want to sit down and to know your boyfriend. I am an employee of the FSB.”

@Olga Semenova

– Arshavin claims that you are a gold-digger…

– I would she said, “Be so kind, throw me a reference where I say, and I quote “Are a gold-digger, what she said quite openly”.

– What do you say to blackmail, which said the player’s wife?

– About the fact that I threw the video and asked about the reward money. Again, turn to Arshavina. Alice, you do not mind the fact that the video was already online, and that you threw me? A screenshot is attached of course. In any case, dear, if you remember correctly, the incident with the airline was on January 8. That you are an employee of the FSB, you wrote to me on December 28. How could I ask money for the video, which has already been online?..

In the screenshot, indeed, it is clear that Alice Arshavin she dropped the video Semenova and asked models the question “What were you doing with my husband?! The restaurant ist!!! What were you doing there and what’s your connection?”.

@Olga Semenova

On Thursday Olga Semenova sent to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A copy of the document published by “MK”.

In a statement, the model requests to protect its rights and prevent the possible Commission of a criminal offence which “threatens to commit the citizen of the Russian Federation Alice Arshavin”.

@Olga Semenova

Quote from the statement: “I am a law-abiding citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the modeling business, which is based on beauty, health and love to people.

By the nature of their activities, I communicate with many well-known public figures of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Abroad, with whom they are in friendly relations. All my life I value their honor and dignity. All of these actions Arshavina not only humiliated my honor and dignity, but also cause significant damage to my business reputation and just as a good man.”

@Olga Semenova

Next, the girl articulates the essence of the conflict. According to her, in the middle of October she was in the same company with Arshavin. The restaurant made a video, where player embraces the model. After 2 months, the video has hit the net. Then in the address Semenova began to receive threats.

“At 4 a.m., with an account of Arshavina Alice in the social network Instagram to my address was sent numerous threats. Arshavin threatened to harm me and my health serious harm, namely to cut off my fingers. While Arshavin claimed to be a member of the FSB”.

Screenshots of threats and insults (part of correspondence not published) Olga attach to the application.

“I ask You (appeal to the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan – Ed.) do not leave without attention and respond quickly to my application, taking all necessary measures aimed at attracting Arshavina Alice to justice and prevent any possible criminal offences”.

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