“Immediately realized: the bad thing” – the owner of balashikhinskiy store the bomb

Fallen Billboard helped discover explosive device near a shopping center in Balashikha. The tragedy was largely averted thanks to competent actions of the Manager of the store and its employees.

photo: Elizabeth Clasina

“Infernal machine” was discovered in the afternoon of January 11, near the shopping center “summer people” on the street, Vladimir. In this room including located the catering company that caters for drivers of large trucks heading from Moscow.

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– Called me and said that the wind ripped our Billboard. I asked him to bring one assistant and to place the sidewalk sign for my stand, – has told to militiamen the head of the enterprise Valery Dovgan. – And he went to work.

While the businessman was getting in Balashikha of Noginsk district, his brother, behind the building, just three meters from the wall, found hanging on the gas pipe package, in which there were two plastic containers. The man reported about a terrible find the chief of security’s office, and he called 112.

– I managed to get before emergency services. Without experts, it was clear that the package is some bad thing. We began to evacuate people. All we took away from dangerous places 49 employees and 80 customers, recalled merchant.

Soon caught up the police, bomb experts and employees of FSB. Suspicious container was examined. In one lay 5 kg of powder (a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder), as well as submunitions (bolts, nuts and balls), and in the other the movement.

Mine took special robots, which brought the KGB. At the time of the motion on the Gorky highway was limited.

– I was sitting in his shop, which sells toys for adults,- told “MK” the seller Lyudmila. Suddenly the lights went out. I went to the security chief “Residents”. He told me that I quickly closed the shop. In the street already there was a traffic police. They red ribbons blocked the exit to our Mall. It was on the other side of the highway. The evacuation took place without panic, but people were very scared.

Now law enforcement bodies try to establish for whom intended this dangerous package. According to one version, the bomb was supposed to be a deterrent in shootouts between entrepreneurs, on the other miraculously failed terrorist attack.

Valery Dovgan ‘ argues that for all the time (over two years) neither he nor his brother threats were reported, and he may not know who took this way to scare him and employees.

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