In Moscow the police Department found the body of a man suspected of robbery

The corpse of a man was discovered in the bathroom of the police Department in the South of Moscow. He was a local resident, who was detained by detectives on suspicion of robbery.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As we found out “MK”, the incident occurred on 11 January at about 8.30 in OMVD Biryulevo West. Police found in the bathroom the corpse of the 45 year old Muscovite Andrey (all names changed), who was previously detained by the police for robbery.

According to a source in law enforcement, convicted of murder, assault and insulting a government representative Andrey was suspected of robbing his mother-in — mother, his common-law wife, 39-year-old Elena. All three live in an apartment in Bulatnikovsky travel with a minor child — daughter pair. Andrew and Helen had suffered from drug addiction and often took the mother money for the potion. January 4, the couple once again extorted from women the cash on drugs. After much wrangling, they received a thousand rubles, but this was not enough for them. Elena ripped off her mother’s gold cross and together with Andrew left home. The man and the woman first tried to attach the jewel to the neighbouring pub, but, being refused, went to the pawnshop, where he rescued stolen some money. On the same day Elena’s mom made a statement to the police. But the results of the custody order appeared only after the holidays. January 10, police went on the trail of the robbers and caught them. Closer to the morning of the next day the detainee Andrei asked the police to the bathroom where after some time, staff found his body.

Victoria Chumakova

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