In the Moscow region schoolgirl died in a car crash, locking little sister in the apartment

Tragically ended the serious conversation of the father-a soldier with a 13-year-old daughter on the topic of romantic relationship with classmate Jan 11: the girl fell from the 15th floor and died.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, the tragedy happened at 7.30 am when the seventh-grader and her seven year old sister, a first grader going to school. Parents (dad is military, mom is an engineer in the Moscow subway) has already left for work.

From the evening of January 10, the seventh-grader was upset after a conversation with his father. The parent became aware of the mutual affection of the eldest daughter and a classmate (together they studied for 2 years), he was reprimanded on the subject, saying, this is not the time for love we need to spend more time studying. Meanwhile, the schoolgirl studied on four and five, the lessons missed.

The teenager closed the apartment’s younger sister, went to the balcony of the stairwell and fell. Chance of escape was not. Body saw the familiar, so the police quickly established the identity and went to the apartment, where he was a first grader. On the death of her sister she does not yet know — the girl was sent to relatives.

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