On the surface of Mars discovered eight glaciers

By studying the images of the red planet, made space station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, experts at the American space Agency NASA discovered eight plots on which there are open deposits of ice. Researchers think that the glaciers in the past was covered by two-meter layer of dust, but become visible because of erosion.

photo: pixabay.com

Glaciers look like pale bluish areas on the surface of Mars. In reality they are the slopes, the thickness of some of which is estimated by scientists more than 100 meters and the angle is 55 degrees. Latitude, where ice is hardly suitable for the construction of the Martian base in these parts of the world is too dark and cold winter that, in particular, would not allow to work effectively to solar cells. Nevertheless, whenever on Mars reveal a new and relatively easily accessible deposits of ice, experts believe that this is good news for future colonists, because these glaciers are a potential source of water.

The researchers also expect that the discovered deposits of a glacier will allow to learn a lot about the history of the red planet — layered structure of ice makes it possible to understand what was the Martian climate in different periods.

Experts told about the results in the journal Science.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) is a multifunctional automatic interplanetary station launched to Mars in 2005 and 10 March 2006 came to its orbit. Mounted on Board an artificial satellite, the HiRISE camera still continues to make high-quality images that have helped scientists to study the Geology of Mars. The most important discoveries is the detection of signs of presence of liquid carbon dioxide or water on the surface of the planet in the past. Just the device has three cameras, two spectrometers and a radar.

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