People’s artist of Russia Moses Oglu: “Romain” — it’s my life”

Artistic talent, wonderful voice, incredible manly charm made Moses Oglu one of the most popular actors of the theater “Romen”. Recently, people’s artist of the Russian Federation noted forty-five years of work on the famous Gypsy scene, which at the time was still playing by his grandfather and father. The evening at the theatre “Diamonds and love” — a contemporary Comedy in the best tradition of classic vaudeville. While the actor grimiruetsya before the release, we have time to ask him a few questions.

Photo: press service of the theater “ROMEN”

Moses Akchurin, what, in your opinion, distinguishes a Gypsy theater?

We have everything from life, from living. In other theatres you will see Shakespeare, Brecht, and the stories we tell about ourselves — about Gypsy life, which no longer exists, but there is a tradition. We have our legends that are passed down from generation to generation. And of course, each performance of “Roman” is, as they say, almost musical, it is also a tribute to our Gypsy culture.

— In the play “Diamonds and love” you have the main role of the venerable father of the family, who genuinely care about your household, constantly falls into the tragicomic situation. You like this character?

— In this role, I go by: Nikolay Lekarev (honored artist of Russia, Director and playwright) had left her but two days before the start of rehearsals, came up to me and said that he sees it only me. I really like this, I have a big family — three children, seven grandchildren — have to make tremendous efforts to have all everything was fine. This is my story, but life is not always Comedy.

— You’re a hereditary Gypsy artists?

— Yes, my grandfather was one of those who in the early 30-ies was created “Romen”. He was not only a talented artist but also an incredibly charismatic man, he knew how to dress, was very fond of women. After five years, the grandfather left the theatre, holding horses. Not afraid of any work; when in difficult times, the horses were taken away, became a blacksmith. My father also worked in the theater, danced unusually, the charm of the grandfather passed to him by inheritance. I came in 72nd year, the first role I got in the play “I was Born in the camp” — such a small role with only one replica, have to say “elegant”. And I was so excited that throat, and squeaked, almost in mezzo-soprano. The artists then laughed, and the audience liked it.

Photo: press service of the theater “ROMEN”

— What was next?

— Then there was a lot of work if I was dancing since childhood, they began to sing only in the theatre. My voice like Nikolai Erdenko (honored artist of Russia, performer of love songs and Gypsy folk songs, formerly music Director of the “Romen”), and he was with me to do vocals. Since then, I sing.

— On what play to go to to listen to you?

— In the “Gypsy bride” I perform ancient Gypsy songs. In the final “We — the Gypsies” — Russian romances, Gypsy folk songs. It is a great responsibility. I have to sing to the audience did not want to let me go. Try your best, but when you keep the room is happiness.

Today you are one of the most exciting theater artists engaged in nearly all performances, what roles you like to play?

— Any. The artist is interested in themselves to try. We went to the play “Four of the groom”, and for me there was the matchmaker — Yes, female role. And in the play “Gypsies in Africa and the Gypsies” I was playing a decrepit old grandfather, and I was then incomplete for forty years. Always tempting to obtain a characteristic, grotesque role, but a small entrance to show themselves. Romen — this is my life, everything important connected with the theater.

— Tell me, because with my future wife you met in the forest?

— Dana (Dana tumans’ka, honoured artist of Russia) came to the theater a month later to me. I was amazed at once: so thin, in a cloud of brown hair. We were the young dancers, and dances, we always put together. So the stage together stepped into life.

— Children to follow in your footsteps?

— Of course, our children grow up in the theater, without a stage, they themselves can not imagine. In our Gypsy theatre common to see children behind the scenes, they are no annoying. It’s a tradition. All three of my daughters became artists, Hope and Patrina work in “Romen”.

— You could be in a different theater?

— If life were different, then why not? But I’m glad fate had me tied up with a “Roman” for me it’s not just a theater — it’s my life and my home.

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