Protests in Moscow school Lubelskiego: students are boycotting classes

On the morning of 11 January teachers of the school of self-determination name Lubelskiego in Izmailovo met empty classes. Of the 216 pupils of primary school classes came only a quarter of children. And about 120 parents came out to protest the building of the school. For several months, parents of children require to stop the collapse of well-known to all Moscow experimental school, which they accuse its current Director.

With the advent of the new leadership, the school eliminated its Constitution, the court of honor and the school Board, which is based on a unique pedagogical system Lubelskiego. In addition, educational institutions were forced to retire dozens of strong teachers. The last straw was the secret dismantling of the unique sports complex, where the children performed all the changes.


Desperate to get justice by using the complaints and appeals to the school administration 734, on Thursday the parents left the kids at home and came to the building to protest.

– Our school destroys the man who became Director in may 2017, Sergei Moskalenky – says one of the parents, Oksana Rosenfeld. – Since his arrival from school was forced to resign, all the former administration that has always helped to keep the traditions of schools and the pedagogical principles Lubelskiego after his death. A few months school and kindergarten have left more than 20 employees.

Today the school destroyed by the phenomena that are the hallmark of pedagogy Lubelskiego: Constitution school, court of honor, school Board. The communication style of the Director and the teachers are absolutely rude and disrespectful. In the section of paid services were transferred to all the workshops, which made it impossible for the children to participate in the General work of preparing for the holidays and project activities. This Moskalenky undertakes all new and new attempts to pursue dismissal of teachers because of lack of funds, and the requirements of the governing Board of the school is to provide a financial report is hard to ignore.

According to parents, the last straw that triggered the so-called “student strike” was the management decision to dismantle, secretly, in the vacation unique sports complex Reutskaya in the recreation area 3 floors, where the children performed all the changes. Negotiating the complex with the administration parents were from autumn, the Director assured everyone that was involved in certification and the complex is not threatened. As a result, after vacation, on the site of children waiting for an empty room, and on the school website there was a message that the structure is dismantled because of security reasons.

– Such systems much later, was placed in a New school and Horoscope German Gref, as he proudly told the Minister of education, – explains Oksana. – Kindergarten children learn to control the body, to overcome the psychological and physical boundaries, why did they have to take that away? Moreover, a certificate for the construction, which was not enough for the Director, it turns out, long is the manufacturer, but no one asked. Children in shock, and so are we. The administration of no concern to the views of pupils, parents and teaching staff, feedback is completely absent. The Department of education we have already sent a few complaints, but come either unsubscribe, or our complaints just later on the very same Director.

Under public pressure, some time after the start of the strike, the Director went outside to protesting parents. The initiative group handed him an official letter of no confidence with the demand within five days to return the dismantled sports complex in its place.

At our request the Department of education provided a review of the school Director determination No. 734 in the name of A. N. Lubelskiego Sergei Moskalenko: “the School must provide a safe learning process for children. And the decisive factor which led to the decision to dismantle the sports complex, is the recent injury of a child. The dismantling of the sports complex was necessary for our school, as it was installed 17 years ago, and was not intended directly for him room.

I believe that the dialogue between the school and parents in the decision of important school matters should take place taking into account the views of all parties. So yesterday the decision was made to hold 25 January the extraordinary meeting of the governing Council in the new for our school format with a live stream on the Internet. This is another step to what would give the dialog the maximum transparency and openness”.

Help “MK”: the Innovations that brought the school fame started in 1985 when the school was Alexander Tubelsky, that’s why they called it the name of the teacher. “School of self-determination” is one of the most famous, not only in Russia but in the world available to schools with its own Constitution. The main feature of the school is based on the idea of free choice, the formation of abilities of students to self-realization and self-determination. Children in school are enrolled in the curriculum that each made individually.

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