Revelation centerfolds about Arshavin with his wife: “My God has protected”

The scandal with the wife of Andrei Arshavin is gaining momentum. In Russia the lady declared war on the crew. In Kazakhstan, where he now scores goals her husband, a fashion model Olga Semenova intends to file a lawsuit against Alice Arshavina. Olga was caught in the arms of Arshavin, in her address showered threats… the Girl told us all about his relationship with the player and the conflict with Alice.


About the threats Semenov said on his page on the social network: “After in a network there was video where we with Andrey Arshavin sit at the same table, my had received numerous death threats.

A certain person promised to cut off my fingers, put the drugs and go to prison for this, all of this was accompanied by numerous insults in my address. She also said that the FSB of Russia in the course of all my personal data”.

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Olga Semenova in detail told us, which cost her an evening in the company of the famous football player.

– Olga, in the social network you wrote that they intend to sue the Alice Arshavina because of threats in his address. It takes a serious turn?

– If the story was childish, if I had evidence, I would be in the Prosecutor’s office is not exactly gone. Not even rock the boat. And now I’m going to apply.

– You have placed a video on the Internet — in the frame were crying, saying you don’t believe…

– Yes, yesterday I had hysterics. People don’t believe my words. I have all sorts of dark thoughts go.

– After you publicly told about the threats of the wife of footballer to your address Arshavin from behind you? Her husband you didn’t write?

– These people are brave only in the correspondence, and when nobody knows about it. As soon as my story got all that Arshavin became not so bold. As far as I know, Alice kind of gave a review of the media. I haven’t read it in detail.

Like she fleetingly mentioned that I asked her for a video where we sit in the restaurant with her husband.

What I can say: thus, I think she earned herself another article of the criminal code — slander and insult of honor and dignity. Suppose further writes. Maybe draw a couple more articles.

– You have long been familiar with Andrey Arshavin? Tell us about that evening in the restaurant.

– It was in the middle of October last year. I called our mutual friend Paul asked me to come to the restaurant “East”. This is the most expensive restaurant in the city. Located in the shopping center, which sells only luxury things.

Buddy said: Arshavin wanted to meet you, let’s have dinner, rest. The time was later. After 22.00 in the evening. During a call, my friend and I were driving in the car, she heard the whole conversation.

We arrived. I sat at the table with the edge. But Arshavin was asked to sit next to him. I moved. He started talking to me, joking, laughing. Everything was fine at first.

– The video shows that you don’t just laugh, he hugged you.

– He started to hug me. At some point I asked to film us on camera. Just. Without malice. Each other on camera, taking pictures. He did not speak, did not resist. We began to pose for the camera. He did not forbid.

– Many witnesses to this, was it?

There was a large company. Three players, another friend, and four girls, one of which is model — instagram-star. Her name will not call, maybe she doesn’t want it. It was also invited to brighten up the evening players. And when the shooting started, no one closed chamber.

After all decided to go to a night club. I expressed doubt because I do not like the night hanging out in clubs. I said that I would drive the boys, and on the way decides whether it is necessary me to stay there.

– You were driving when you left the restaurant?

– Yes, I was driving because I don’t drink alcohol. But on the way to the club started to happen some strange things with the guys. Not going now to tell about it. Don’t want to spoil the name of Arshavin. If I continue to receive threats, I will tell the truth in court.

In short, I took the boys to the club and my friend went home. With them that night to chat, we did not continue.

– Arshavin was drinking that night?

Yes. I wouldn’t be talking about this if his wife herself said. But more on that later.

Video from the restaurant, shot in the fall, appeared online just now when Arshavin disgraced on Board the plane. It was an accident?

– How to videos appeared online for me is still a mystery. With Oct video I have stored in the cloud, with the phone I removed it. Suddenly December 28 at 4 a.m. in the network POPs up this video. Several Kazakhstani public got it. And a few minutes after he arrived, my phone came SMS with the number of the wife of Arshavin.


– What was written there?

– First was a normal nice conversation. The first question was something like, “What were you doing with my husband in the establishment of the “East”?” I was surprised – as she realized that it was in that restaurant? The video is very dark, it is not clear where we sat.

– What did you say?

– I wrote: “Me and your husband have nothing in common and never did. Don’t worry”. Apparently, it didn’t satisfy my answer, and then my address she received many threats.

My companion was an FSB major and direct text pointed out to me that will throw drugs and I’ll sit in jail for it. I gave her back: “then you can jail half of the girls of Kazakhstan. Where you have so many drugs?”.

She wrote on a video ever been you, so put you. I did not continue the conversation. But my counterpart did not calm down. She threatened to cut off my fingers, so I hung out and had a good grope of her husband. Although Arshavin I did not touch. Even the video shows that he touched me, not I him.

Then rained insults in my address, there was a lot of Mat, “stupid fool” is one of the most innocent…

– You’re not trying to make excuses?

– I understood that she is not able to calm the woman and texted Andrei Arshavin: “hi. If you don’t shut your wife, I’ll be forced to contact the Prosecutor’s office and the sports Committee with the complaint”.

He said, “How’d you get my number?”

I said, “And anything that you left me?”. He said: “No, I don’t remember.”

Then I wrote: “I realized that my wife you will not understand, then I know what to do.” And suddenly again I received a message from number wife.

The author wrote that was present during my correspondence with Arshavin: “He will not remember and do not know who you are”. I did not reply: “Maybe because he was drunk, so doesn’t remember?”

The interviewee did confirm that he was drunk that night and added that otherwise a fool like me, would not leave his phone number.

The players drank a lot that night?

– I had no control over drinking glasses. And didn’t want to raise the subject until the woman said it herself that he was drunk. She humiliated me because I told him that sober Arshavin a fool would not leave contacts. So I decided to say Andrew that evening drink. But something else to say about him not yet.

Threats from her then continue?

Threats were no more. But she continued to write that I collect dirt on their family that I am looking for a sponsor and a rich lover. And only when I asked her to think about where I could get a room of her husband, unless he gave it to me, she quieted down. And then wrote that he thought, wished me luck and warned that flies in Alma-ATA.

I admit, I was scared. Decided to post on his page post about this story. And when he posted the video, I learned that Alice Arshavin taken off the Board the plane where she was an FSB major.

– Did not reach your happiness?

– Me God has saved.


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– Why don’t you believe? Moreover, I believe that you tried to divert her husband from the family?

– The fact that I haven’t posted a free screenshots of our correspondence. We have by law, such things cannot be done. I understand that my only protection is public statements. While I say this, while not silent — I am protected.

– However, your reputation tarnished?

– People insult me in comments to my posts, called a whore, blame the fact that I embrace with a married man. Are we living in the USSR, where it was impossible to hug other people’s wives and husbands? Then let all who are on the corporate events dancing and hugging other people’s wives, husbands, cut off fingers.

– Andrey Arshavin freely feels in Kazakhstan?

– He is a free spirit, so I didn’t bother when he was filmed on camera when she hugged me.

– How did he seem in person?

I’ll say this — never in my life I wouldn’t want to meet him. Or for what reason. It does not suit me. Claims personally to Arshavin, I have not, but no emotion I have no objections, neither as the source nor as a man.

– At that party he thought about his wife, children?

– Only once mentioned a wife. As I recall, he asked me my last name. I said Semenov, he laughed: “wow, my wife has the same maiden name”. I do not understand what kind of wife he had in mind. Did not go into details.

photo: a frame from the video

Is the only time he remembered about the wife?

– Well, Yes.

– Have you ever tried to speak to Alice?

I suggested that the woman was texting, talk, said, “Please, call me, and do not insult me, do not lead to a nervous breakdown”. She didn’t call. Because of this situation, I have health problems began. I can talk normally, and in five minutes they start to cry. In the future I will need counseling. I even began to stutter in the nervous system. Third day of not sleeping, the brain is not working. I have thousands of thoughts in my head, I can’t close my eyes to sleep.

– You friends of Andrei Arshavin, the ones that were in the restaurant then called?

– I wrote to my friend who invited me to that party: “Why I wrote the wife of Arshavin?”. He is silent. No comment. They are silent. How to walk with the characters, and how to be responsible in the bushes.

– Arshavin in Alma-ATA is popular among girls?

– The woman told that her husband catches the whole Alma-ATA. I was greatly amused. I told her this: “I find it funny”. Until I came to the restaurant not acquainted personally with Arshavin, I didn’t even know how cool he is football player. Only knew that there is such a player Arshavin and all.

You are also not the last person in town?

– I model. Communicate with me by many famous people of Kazakhstan and with anyone before never happened conflict.

– The players you are considered rich people?

– Not a disaster. It is believed to be a footballer — prestigious. But we have on every corner no one cries about that to meet a football player is cool. Although now many of our friends think that Arshavin is so steep that easily close my mouth with money.

– Are you afraid of the wife of Arshavin?

– Fear. If one is everywhere a major FSB, its adequacy is a concern. I don’t know what she’s capable of. Understand, I am a model, make their appearance, if I’m maimed, my career will be ruined.

From this whole situation suffer and my parents, who watch the news. They have pressure problems. They feel bad that they call me the mistress of Arshavin. Although this has never happened and never will.

– Why are you only now decided to apply to the court?

I was waiting for an apology. I told them that it is enough to make a public apology, and the conflict would have been exhausted. I have not heard. No one even apologized in a telephone conversation.

Now I am called imaginary journalists and provoke, trying to find out from me. Asking the questions: divide Arshavin property what apartment living.

Also write to me in PM messages intimate sense strange men who Express the desire to become my sponsor for 5 thousand dollars, to pay for dinner, offer to become his mistress. Before anything similar did not occur.

I understand that this is a provocation. I want to compromise. But these things are not about me. I am a successful fashion model. I have my own business. I have a car Mercedes-Benz E-class own apartment, I often travel abroad. What can I say? I don’t need the money. Since 14 years I work for a living. And I say that I am looking for a sponsor. I will not leave it just so, I don’t want my name blackened. I will not be silent.

– You have a man who could defend you?

– Unfortunately, no. After 7 years of relationship I have with anyone else can’t build love. Two years I one. Haven’t met a man that I fully understand. So now my support — mom, dad and my best friend. But I support the people of Russia, Ingushetia and the Chechen Republic. Many people left their contacts and ready to defend me if my address will be received threats.

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