“Russian films has set a record for fees and attendance in 2017

According to the film Foundation, box-office of the national film distribution increased from 2016 to 10.9% and was 53.6 billion RUB.

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The total box-office of Russian theaters in 2017 amounted to 53.6 billion rubles, said on Thursday “Interfax” in the Russian cinema Fund.

“In 2017 the total box-office of the national box office grew by 10.9% and amounted to 53.6 billion rubles (in 2016 48.4 billion rubles). Attendance increased by 11.4%, the cinemas were sold 213, 4 million tickets (in 2016 191,9 million tickets),” – said the press service of the Fund.

Thus, performance fees and attendance of the Russian cinema in 1.5 times exceeded the record of 2016.

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“Russian box office of the films amounted to 13 billion rubles (in 2016 year with 8.6 billion), taxes of foreign films remained at the level of 2016 and amounted to 40.5 billion rubles (in 2016 39.7 billion rubles)”, – explained in the Fund.

The increase in attendance of Russian cinema was 55.4% of domestic films in theaters looked 54.7 million viewers, 19.5 million viewers more than in 2016.

The share of Russian cinema was 25.6% of the total cinema attendance and 24.3% of the total fees, for the first time since 2010, having overcome a lath to 20%.

The Fund noted that just a wide Russian rolling out the film 471, 123 of them – Russian. At the same time in 2016, was released 156 domestic paintings. The number of foreign releases increased from 330 to 348 movies.

Among the 10 highest-grossing films of the year included three Russian films. This “upward Movement”, which currently is in theaters, and “the Last hero” and “Gravity.”

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